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Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 56

Food Notebook

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I may have hinted in previous posts that I have a new job. Although I may not be quite ready to make a public declaration about what that job might be, I can, perhaps, give a hint about where my new lob is located: A 30 minute drive South of San Francisco, towards Silicon Valley. And you know what that means, don't you? A whole new world of eating opportunities have opened up to me. I know very little about eating out in these parts other than from the Restaurant Whore who insists I go to the Old Port Lobster Shack at my earliest opportunity.

Because it is always a good thing to find a guide to alien landscapes, I was pretty excited to just discover Food Notebook - "the home of the Dining with Notebook Manifesto and the place for foodies in the Silicon Valley and beyond for reviews, news and views" and another fan of that Redwood City lobster joint. I am going to be rooting through this blog for other gems local to my new commute.

But what about the "Dining with Notebook"? It is an interesting discovery by the blog's writer, Carter Lusher, who always takes a notebook with him when he eats. He gradually noticed that this seemed to beget him better service. One day the Chef asked him which magazine he wrote for and then the penny dropped they thought he was a critic.
We all deserve to be treated like the most favored regulars and powerful restaurant critics. But how can we achieve this status? Helping you achieve that status is the goal of The Dining with Notebook Manifesto. Dining with Notebook is a powerful tool for communicating to the establishment that you deserve the best experience.

Bloggers! Maybe you need to put down your cameras and start taking notes instead?!

More new finds for my My Bay Area Food Blog Roll:
I knew this in the back of my head for a while, but hadn't made a note of it: Check Please! has a blog written by the talented and incredibly gorgeous Stephanie.
It also occurred to me that my favourite wine shop, K&L has a blog.
Did you know we have a Gluten Free Blog, here in the Bay area?
Is it hoorah for Boorah? Another Web2.0 restaurant review site in the making. It's still at alpha stage, and even has a blog that is dedicated to making sense of the web instead of talking about the food. Where is the fun in that? You have to sign up with your email to be added to the waiting list for their alpha program which, according to blurb on the site is a "system [that] uses patent-pending Natural Language Processing technology to find, summarize and present information from across the web in a way that is far more useful than it's ever been before." We will see.
Ten Toe TV is another commercial enterprise - this time a Video City Guide to the Best of San Francisco. They even have a section dedicated to food.
I think Cod Cheeks is such a cute name for a blog. Written by four locals who all love food. Yum.
I recently discovered SF in Paris. And although I think this blog may have come to an end, I am looking forward to reading through the archives to find out when an American family discovered about living in France for a while.
Here's another local wine blog - Second Leaf.

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Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 56


  • At 15/10/06 12:20, Blogger Beccy said…

    Hi Sam, Mollie would like you to check out

  • At 15/10/06 19:51, Blogger Carter Lusher said…

    Hi Sam, Hey, thanks for the "Bay Area Blogger of the Week" post.

    Looking forward to reading what you think about the Silicon Valley dining scene once you start the new gig. An area you might want to check out is the Cal Ave dining district (aka S. California Avenue in Palo Alto). 35 places to eat within walking distance of each other with plenty of free parking.

    Drop me an e-mail and I can tailor a list of suggested places for you.

  • At 16/10/06 06:53, Blogger Julie said…

    Very interesting. I wonder if the notebook method really works... Might give it a go.

  • At 16/10/06 07:19, Blogger Anita said…

    Congrats on the new job, Sam! If your 30-minutes-south location puts you near Mountain View, I'd wholeheartedly suggest a trip to Fiesta del Mar:

  • At 16/10/06 14:13, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks so much for the link - I love your blog and will definitely start reading it regularly!

  • At 18/10/06 08:09, Blogger Homesick Texan said…

    Congrats on the new job. I saw your name in the credits of "Lemony Snicket" the other night and thought it appropriate that a film with so many vivid shots of food had a food blogger on staff.


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