Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 44

Knife's Edge, Congratulations!

photograph picture of the San Francisco bay area food blogger haddock at knife's edge

When I first started reading Knife's Edge, I was suitably intrigued. A mysterious chef, who had nicknamed himself Haddock, was ranting and raving about the ups and downs of running a restaurant in a tourist location a few hours from San Francisco. I wondered who and where this man could be? As it happens, he and his partner in crime, known only on his blog as "The GM" [General Manager], are regular visitors to San Francisco and it was on one of those visits that Fred and I first met them for dinner. A firm friendship was instantly forged.

Over the year that followed, Haddock and his fine lady amassed an even wider circle of Bay Area food blogging friends so that when they come to town these days, we have to meet at a restaurant that will seat at least a dozen. Now! Make that thirteen.

A couple of days ago Haddock and the GM added a baby line-cook to their family. Please head over and wish them well. And if babies aren't your thing, you could always read Haddock's rant, when your farmer becomes an asshole, instead.

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Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 44


  • At 27/7/06 08:24, Anonymous haddock said…

    Aw shucks! Thanks so much Sam. Hope yo and Fred are well and happy. We can't wait to see you and BTW the GM assures you pregnancy isn't catching.


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