Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 40

Two very Tasty Ladies...

photograph picture of the San Francisco bay area food bloggers tejal and martha aka two tasty ladies

Two Tasty Ladies, Martha and Tejal, met at college in Boston where they became firm friends, both writers with a shared love of food. Fast forward a few years and the pair can be found living in the Bay Area where they now blog beautifully about their eating experiences, both separately and together.

Tejal spent some time in London, so I love it when she writes stories that include an English food memory, like her recent piece about cake in the park, Squish Roll and Cake.

Martha can always be relied on to create some really great-looking food. Take her pea and asparagus soup, for example, described as a smidge elaborate for a Tuesday. It makes me hope that there will be some late season asparagus waiting for me at the market this morning.

Talking of the market, I ought to be on my way, but if you are sticking around a while longer, there is a lot of reading to catch up on over at Two Tasty Ladies.

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Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 40


  • At 17/6/06 08:02, Anonymous mum said…

    Hi Sam You should have been here last week dad was given some home grown asparagus from a work colleague ( he had also been given some whilst we were in NY). It was delicious; steamed and tossed in butter with a little balsamic.

  • At 17/6/06 12:21, Anonymous tejal said…

    Hi Sam! I got so excited when I saw our page here, thank you so much (it finally motivated someone to change our about us picture to something more recent!). You've absolutely made my day!

    P.S. I was born in NW London, lived there and left a few times, but I'm actually going back in a couple of months, I can't wait!

  • At 17/6/06 15:46, Anonymous Sean said…

    Don't forget Salad of Pain! Mmmm .... Salad of Pain ...

  • At 17/6/06 18:46, Anonymous martha said…

    I opened up my computer this morning not long after waking, and in my fuzzy-headed state, when this page loaded, I thought, "Hey, that lady in the picture on Becks & Posh looks a lot like me--- ."

    Indeed, my day is entirely made.

  • At 17/6/06 20:09, Anonymous payal said…

    I heart these gals! I started followig their blog a few months back and have had the pleasure of receiving fabulous advice and suggestions to all of my questions. Just simply a great blog to read...

  • At 18/6/06 02:58, Anonymous LPC said…

    Thanks for the tip! It's a good blog!

  • At 18/6/06 11:00, Blogger Sam said…

    mum - i am very jealous - especially since asparagus season is now over here. But it is ok, because now I have tomatoes. I know you don'tlike tomatoes, but I think you mike like these tomatoes!

    tejal - my pleasure. For what it is worth I like the picture! Have fun in London.

    sean - oh yes salad of pain, thanks for the reminder link.

    martha - I am glad I am not the only one who has fuzzy-headed mornings. In fact I sometimes have whole days of fuzzy-headedness.

    Payal - thank you for endorsing my recommendation.

    lpc - I am glad you enjoyed it.

  • At 22/6/06 10:32, Anonymous Ivonne said…

    I'm so glad you found the 2 Tasty Ladies ... they're fantastic!


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