Sunday, May 28, 2006

Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 39

Dessert First? Why ever not!

photograph picture dessert first blog by anita the pastrygirl in san francisco

How could you not love a Bay Area native who puts her dessert first? Anita, otherwise known as Pastrygirl, completed the 6-month professional baking class at my favourite local private cooking-school, Tante Marie, last year. Since then she has been been photographing everything sweet and delicious, much to the pleasure of her readers. Recently Anita took another course, a weekend workshop in food photography which she described here, and is a must read for any bloggers who like photographing food. Anita certainly looks like she learnt a thing or two. Her latest photographs, of tantalising desserts made from just in season cherries, look so good you will want to dive into your screen!

PS. Do you remember Juan who won my Menu for Hope Cookbooks and then guest blogged his attempt at making Thomas Keller's Fish & Chips? Well last week, he finally actually got to go to The French Laundry. They had a spare seat at their table and invited me to join them, but I had already arranged to attend the birthday of a dear internet friend's beautiful spouse along with a good bunch of fellow food bloggers and some other cool food writers at Nopa so I couldn't make it. Now I have to live vicariously through Juan's just-published French Laundry photoset instead. All in black and white and taken on film, not digitally. Check it out.

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Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 39


  • At 28/5/06 09:52, Blogger Amy Sherman said…

    Oh no, you should have blown us off for French Laundry! Thanks for the head's up on another cool blogger.

  • At 28/5/06 11:30, Blogger wheresmymind said…

    Those deserts look so yum, I think I'd just skip dinner as I have a sweet tooth the size of Chicago :)

  • At 28/5/06 15:06, Anonymous Anita said…

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! It's a big surprise and I'm quite flattered!

    I've been following your posts about your classes at Tante Marie's, glad you had a good time. It's a great school and isn't Mary a hoot?

    cheers and thanks!

  • At 28/5/06 16:59, Anonymous Ivonne said…


    I'm so glad to see you post about Anita! Her blog is beautiful and she creates some truly wonderful desserts. Go Bay Area bloggers!

  • At 28/5/06 23:27, Blogger DonJuanna said…

    hi Sam. Glad you liked the pics, and thanks again for the nice mention. Don't miss another chance to go to the FL :). See ya, Juan-Luis

  • At 29/5/06 07:53, Anonymous Bill Belew said…

    Thanks for the great link to another wonderful blogger. You caught my attention with the "dessert first" title. On my birthday I always start with the cake, but maybe I should make that a more regular occurence!

  • At 30/5/06 09:24, Blogger Sam said…

    Amy - I had so much fun on Tuesday with you guys so I wouldnt have missed it for the world.

    wmm - problem with me is i have both kinds of teeth - sweet AND savoury!

    anita - my pleasure. I have only met mary a couple of times and indeed she does seem to be a hoot.

    ivonne - Anita produces some good eye candy thats for sure.

    Donjuanna - yours is not the first chance I've missed. Oh well, maybe one day....

    Bill - next birthday you could have an exclusively dessert party!

  • At 4/6/06 05:06, Anonymous cath said…

    Sam, thanks so much for the links! I've been going through Anita's site and drooling!


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