Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 38

Ms. Glaze's Pommes d'Amour

photograph picture ms glaze pommes d'amour food blog in paris via san francisco

I recently became acquainted with the adorable Ms Glaze, via her smartly-written blog and I quickly became hooked on her story. Ms Glaze has been training at the Cordon Bleu Chef School in Paris and I first caught up with her on the same day she had been given a list of ingredients for her final exam. To say she was disappointed would be an understatement. I think I would have some trouble getting immediately excited about a menu based on pigeon, foie gras mousse, peas and artichokes too. Especially the pigeon part.

Ms Glaze has had a few weeks since that fateful day to ponder and practice the dish she is going to serve up for Le Cordon Bleu examiners next week. I felt her suffering when she experienced bouts of insecurity about her menu and then licked my lips as she started to practice elements of her proposed dish.

As if this wasn't enough excitement for one month: Ms Glaze also had to deal with the stresses of preparing for a stage at Guy Savoy, no less. Despite a set of nerves you wouldn't expect from an actress, Ms Glaze clinched the staging deal and so will get to realise the Guy Savoy part of her dream. Congratulations are in order!

By now you might be wondering why I am featuring Paris-based food blog as my current Bay Area Blogger of the Week. Well, it's simple really. Although Ms Glaze admits that she definitely loves living in Paris, to her San Francisco will always be home. And her dream is that someday she will come back to the Bay Area and open her own Bistro/Cabaret where she might showcase the amazing talents of the Bay Area through food, music, and drama. That's a local enough girl for me.

So please, dear readers, pop over and check out Ms Glaze's wonderful Love Apples, congratulate her on her success so far, wish her luck with the upcoming exam and implore that she comes back home to open up that Bistro sooner rather than later. We're all waiting for you!

PS. Looks like The San Francisco Chronicle's 'illustrious' Food Editor Michael Bauer is actually surprising me with his take on blogging. He is already drifting away from the subject of food with today's entry that is more worthy of an entry into Weekend Dog Blogging.

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Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 38


  • At 20/5/06 05:49, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 20/5/06 07:09, Blogger Kevin said…

    The problem with pigeon is that they taste exactly the way you would expect a flying rat to taste.

  • At 20/5/06 07:22, Blogger Sam said…

    I did try a pigeon once, 25 years ago in fact. I didn't hate it but there was no overpowering desire to rush and ever eat one again. Hopefully Ms Glaze will manage to change our minds.

  • At 20/5/06 11:31, Blogger tejal said…

    Yikes, I remember that final exam and a lot of stressful dreams set in school...I'll certainly be visiting Ms. Glaze.

    I hate pigeons in the city--am terrified, in fact, when they swoop towards me. Maybe that's why I like eating them so much!

  • At 20/5/06 12:09, Anonymous Ms. Glaze said…

    Merci bien for the write-up! I was popping over to see what was happening in the great land of SF and I thought I came to the wrong site because I saw my logo there. You just totally made my day ;-)

    Pigeon's are rats with wings. They are extra bloody too, which makes handling them even worse. One more week and it will all be a memory...

    Ms. Glaze

  • At 20/5/06 12:50, Anonymous Sean said…

    Oh sniff - my 15 minutes of fame are over! Well, I guess I can't complain too loudly, since I was Bay Area Food Blogger of the Week for, like, six weeks. :-)

  • At 20/5/06 18:00, Anonymous Tana said…

    What a great blog to link to. Thanks for the treat. (She's pretty, too, isn't she?)

  • At 22/5/06 11:31, Blogger Fanny said…

    Thanx Sam for making me discover this great blog. I already love it...


  • At 23/5/06 18:55, Blogger Cate said…

    Aw, c'mon now, don't go knocking WDB - nothing wrong with letting the dogs in and see another side of people. ;)

  • At 29/5/06 19:23, Blogger SF Photorama said…

    I often read her blog...she appears to be homesick! I found out that she is from San Francisco


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