Saturday, October 29, 2005

Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 24

The Novato Experiment
The Novato Experiment Day of the Dead Boy I can sympathize with Jennifer from The Novato Experiment who, at the beginning of this summer, left her San Francisco appartment to live in a quiet neighborhood 29 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. When I first moved to the USA I was housed in a lonely corporate complex snuggled in the no-mans land between San Rafael and Novato, so I know what it is like. With the exception of the Best Pizza in America, there were no restaurants at all. I was very depressed.

But Jennifer has chosen her bed and so she must lie in it. The fact that she lives in a wonderful ranch-style home with the love of her life must go some way to easing the pain. It also looks like she owns the Philippe Starck chair of my dreams, so life in Novato can't be all bad. A couple of posts ago Jennifer was contemplating her Novato food and dining finds, to date. She bemoans the fact the pickings are slim but determines to soldier on and bloom where she has been planted.

Good luck to Jennifer. Many of my colleagues live in the Novato area and I did try and call on them to give her some suggestions. But there didn't seem to be much sympathy from them, those Novatonians are obviously a harsh bunch. Other colleagues recognized Jennifer's pain, however, and simply concluded Novato Sucks!

This weekend, Jennifer has decided to bring the party to Novato. Read about her ideas for the grown-up Hallowe'en shindig she is throwing. It all sounds very civilized. It might make you wish you were a friendly neighbour worthy of an invitation. Who wants to move to Novato? Anyone?

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If you have any further suggestions, need Hallowe'en party ideas, or just want to say hello, check out Jennifer's Novato Experiment before you leave. Bombard her with comments! Make it spooky!

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Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 24


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