Friday, December 01, 2006

Menu For Hope III Announcement

Rallying the Troops

Do you remember last years Menu for Hope which raised $17,000+ for Unicef ? This year, under the direction of our tireless leader, Pim, food bloggers all over the world are getting together to raise money for a good cause, this time the United Nations World Food Programme.

Today is the last day for Food Bloggers who want to host a prize for this event to share their plans [exactly how to do that featured here] with one of the regional hosts who are as follows:

US West Coast: Sam (that's me!) of Becks and Posh
US East Coast: Adam the Amateur Gourmet
US (the rest): Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen
Canada: Jasmine of Cardamom Addict
Europe: David Lebovitz of
Latin America: Melissa de Leon of the Cooking Diva
Asia Pacific: Helen of Grab Your Fork

For some extra tips on how to host a prize, check out this post on Food Blog S'cool too. And there is no need to feel guilty if you can't actually host a prize this year because there are other ways to show your support. I am absolutely convinced that when our readers see the amazing set of prizes we are putting together (some of them have left me speechless, seriously) you are going to donating more than a little bit of money to try and win one of them.

Come back here on Menu for Hope III launch day, December 11th, when I will be tempting your donations with an amazing set of prizes. You won't be able to resist. Thank you everyone for your support!

PS - Thank you for patience in waiting for the "All the Food you Ate for a Week" round up. Entries have been trickling in all week, a few more are expected and I aim to post the round up on Monday.

PPS - Come back tomorrow to see the announcement for the last ever Foodography challenge. Andrew and I will be putting that baby to bed in celebratory style.

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Menu For Hope III Announcement


  • At 1/12/06 13:47, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sounds like a lot of work for you and the other hosts, good luck. I've decided on my contribution.

  • At 2/12/06 08:03, Anonymous david said…

    I hope there's going to be a date with you. If so, my dear, I'll be so excited I can hardly wait until the 11th to start the bidding.


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