Sunday, May 21, 2006

New Farmers Market Finds

Time to put your thinking caps on...

photograph picture mystery purchases from the farmers market

What happens when four fabulous female food bloggers arrange to meet at The San Francisco Ferry Plaza on a Saturday market morning? They bump into three more wonderful food bloggers, that's what.

They also cajole you into filling your basket with things you've never heard of or seen before. See the examples above: Can you guess what they are? The first picture shows the less-commonly seen part of a common vegetable. I was told that most people were snapping them up simply for decorative purposes. To hell with that - I am going to at least try and eat mine. It's obviously mint in the right picture - but what kind of mint? The girls are going to love this one. I'll leave you guessing whilst I head off to my test-kitchen to have a little play with these new-found ingredients.

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New Farmers Market Finds


  • At 21/5/06 12:50, Anonymous teri said…

    I think you've got garlic scapes (although I saw leek scapes this weekend, too, at the market) and chocolate mint. Delicious!

  • At 21/5/06 13:23, Blogger suckafree said…

    Don't get me wrong, I love going to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market for the food and the scene, but not for individual ingredients. Actual vegetables are much better and more reasonably-priced at other Farmer's Markets. I prefer to go for a breakfast sandwich, a couple oysters and a cup of Blue Bottle and leave the veggies alone.

  • At 21/5/06 13:52, Blogger Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic said…

    I was going to guess garlic curls or leek curls as well. Definitely chocolate mint. I'm sorry all I could do was shovel my lunch down with you guys -- gotta keep up my strength at the cheese shop and not nearly enough time to do it!

    Fatemah said you all enjoyed the Coolea, so I'm proud.

  • At 21/5/06 14:35, Anonymous mae said…

    Ok, well, my guesses are the same with Teri. I can't wait to see what you've come up with.

    I've never used any of these two so i'm really looking forward to your post. Don't make us wait too long :-)

    I'm munching on Green & Black's espresso chocolate bars right now - i'm thinking, won't it be great to make chocolate mint muffins with them? hmmmm

  • At 21/5/06 14:41, Anonymous mae said…

    Btw, i forgot to mention, the photos are fantastic. Especially the first one! Love the shadows.

  • At 21/5/06 21:26, Anonymous Melissa said…

    Yeah, you better eat your scapes! We ate them mixed with potatoes and favas last night, and with green beans this evening. They are certainly not merely decorative.

  • At 22/5/06 08:06, Blogger Sam said…

    teri - good job on the chocolate mint guess - and you were almost correct about the scapes - they are the leek ones rather than the garlic ones.

    Suckafree - I usually go for shopping only but this Saturday, hanging with my girlfriends, it was more of a 'scene' occasion and it couldnt have been more fun.

    Stepjanie - I am sorry we couldn't have you spend more time with us but it was lovely to see you. The Coolea was great - and I loved that Midnite Moon?? you sold me a few weeks ago - I ate the last of it yesterday, for breakfast as you suggested, really good. Despite being a Brit, I'd never heard of Coolea.

    Mae - I love greeen and blacks, especially their Maya bar - do they still do that?

    Melissa - I did eat my scapes, of course!

  • At 22/5/06 11:54, Blogger Owen said…

    Chocolate mint is stageringly easy to grow - so much so that it is taking over portions of our garden - it even got into the lawn! We are actually trying to get rid of all of it for ever it got so bad!

  • At 22/5/06 12:20, Anonymous serena said…

    hi sam,

    yes, green & black's do still do the maya bar - & it's still delicious. i do have a soft spot for the dark chocolate-cherry & the dark chocolate-ginger bars, though.

  • At 22/5/06 14:36, Blogger Pille said…

    Never heard of chocolate mint before, but I discovered garlic scapes at Edinburgh Farmers' Market last June, and it was love from the first moment:)
    Too bad you can't make it to London foodbloggers meeting next month thou:(

  • At 23/5/06 06:54, Anonymous Ms. Glaze said…

    I love chocolate mint! It's so cool how it really smells like it's name. I'm sorry to say that my 9 months of culinary training didn't help me out on your first picture. I was going to guess miniature opium poppies, don't they sell those at the Ferry Building?


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