Friday, May 21, 2004

Woodside High Cheese Club

In April I read an article on SF Gate about some schoolkids who had started a cheese club. I thought it was a great idea so I wrote to the newspaper to see if I could help the kids out by making a donation. SF Gate put me in touch with Nathan Hillier who wrote this to me today to thank me for my contribution...

Dear Sam,
Thank you very much for your donation to our club. It went towards some Boursin, Raclette, and Petit Basque for our presentation on French cheeses two weeks ago. In case you are interested, we will be appearing on "Evening Magazine" on CBS (Channel 5 - KPIX in the Bay Area) on the 26th of May, and will also be featured on Unwrapped on the Food Network at a later date. We can only attribute our success to the strong support we have received from people like you and we are therefore endlessly grateful.
Yours in Cheese,
Nathan Hillier
Woodside High Cheese Club


  • At 9/3/05 17:46, Blogger JNF said…

    Great site -- rich in dialogue and meaningful in purpose. I will be recommending you to friends and family
    On a lighter note, have you noticed the recent the recent phenomenon of Pet Insurance? you have any opinions about it?

  • At 6/3/09 17:48, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So, I just saw the rerun on the Food Network about you guys. So, 5 years later...what are you up to? I think it's great that you were passionate about something and shared it with others. Especially in High School...that is gutsy! Was that just your 15 minutes of fame? Does the cheese club live on? :)
    Kerry in San Jose


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