Saturday, October 22, 2005

Meet Becks & And Posh...

...and Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 23
I woke up this morning to find that although I had only managed to scrape second prize in Farmgirl's hilarious "Name that Sheep" contest, as a consolation she had decided to name two of her other sheep after my blog. I proudly present to you, therefore, Becks & And Posh...

photograph picture of a sheep named Becks photograph picture of a sheep named Posh

(click on each picture to enlarge these stylin', exqusitely-named sheep)

Thank you Farmgirl!

Those readers in the Bay Area who like to keep up with the restaurant scene in San Francisco might be interested in a charming little blog I recently discovered. Well-informed and well travelled, Sabine visits lots of popular retaurants and then serves up her opionion. Do you agree with her? Go and find out at Amuse Bouche.

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Archive Alert! A year ago yesterday we weren't finding any lovin' feelings at the Lighthouse Diner in San Rafael

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Meet Becks & And Posh...


  • At 22/10/05 10:14, Blogger eat stuff said…

    Good job sam!!!

    your Tom foolery definately ensure you deserved a prize LOL

  • At 22/10/05 11:44, Blogger Farmgirl Susan said…

    I'm so glad you entered the contest Sam. It would have been much, much less fun without you. I don't know if I've ever laughed so much. Great post here by the way. 'Stylin' sheep'--I love it! Baaaaaaaaaaa!

    P.S. You do realize that your second sheep's full name is 'And Posh'--she had to have an 'A' name! : )

  • At 22/10/05 11:50, Blogger Monkey Gland said…

    I wonder if the sheep with develop a wicked sense for crossing the ball into the six yard box....probably not.

  • At 22/10/05 11:51, Blogger Ang said…


    Well deserved. :)

  • At 23/10/05 10:53, Blogger Farmgirl Susan said…

    LOLOL! Well, now that I see it written out, it looks (and sounds) rather silly--"Becks & And Posh." I never thought it out that far. Oops. But it is cracking me up! : )

  • At 23/10/05 11:04, Blogger Sam said…

    I happen to rather like it.

  • At 25/10/05 08:10, Blogger Sam said…

    calre - thank you - how i like that 'tom foolery' phrase!

    farmgirl - i changed the name to 'and posh' as you know.

    Monkey Gland - I am worried the other one might stop eating.

    Angie - Hey sister! Happy to see you around.


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