Thursday, June 18, 2009

Maine Root's invigorating Ginger Brew does the trick,

When you want a drink with a hot, peppery kick.

picture photograph image Maine Root Ginger Brew 2009 copyright of sam breach

I found this Ginger Brew soda at Wholefoods. Find out more information about Maine Root and their all natural, hand-crafted products here.

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© 2009 Sam Breach
Maine Root's invigorating Ginger Brew does the trick,


  • At 18/6/09 12:43, Blogger ChrisB said…

    Dad would love that.

  • At 19/6/09 13:43, Anonymous Jen said…

    Perhaps it's time for a Dark & Stormy cocktail?

  • At 19/6/09 13:52, Anonymous Cate O'Malley said…

    What a gorgeously sparkly picture - love it!

  • At 19/6/09 15:47, Blogger Ian said…

    Yummy - i will have to try that.

    I have been experimenting with brewing my own alcoholic ginger beer. For the next batch I am going to include lemongrass for aroma and a few jalapenos for an extra kick!

  • At 22/7/09 10:10, Blogger Jess said…

    i am a bread baker at an artisan bakery in Massachusetts, and we offer not only the ginger brew but the blueberry soda and the root beer. I'm not very partial to soda, but the ginger is amazing, especially when muddled with a little mint and lemon. It's so cool to see it's made it to the other coast!


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