Thursday, May 28, 2009

For breakfast, egg fried rice, is kind of nice.

picture photograph image eat local ingredients in egg fried rice 2009 copyright of sam breach

Local Resources
Holiday ham from Boccalone [currently not available, buy during holiday season & freeze in smaller portions]
Little gem lettuce and shallots from Marin Roots Farm
Spring garlic from Mariquita Farm
Pasture raised eggs from Soul Food Farm
Basmati Rice from Lundberg.

Other Resources & Further Reading
Peanut Oil & Soy Sauce of non-local/unknown origin.
For egg fried rice I usually follow the technique, but not necessarily the exact ingredients, in one of my favourite recipe tomes, The Cook's Book.

2006 | Introducing Dessert First by PastryGirl, Anita.

© 2009 Sam Breach


  • At 28/5/09 08:23, Anonymous San Francisco Photos said…

    WOW it certainly does sound nice and I'm hungry and need breakfast! Thanks for always having the best recipes here!

  • At 28/5/09 09:04, Blogger jacqui | happyjackeats said…

    i love fried rice for breakfast! i usually add one scrambled egg and top with one fried egg.

  • At 28/5/09 09:52, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    That DOES sound nice for breakfast!
    ---your photo, drool---

  • At 28/5/09 10:00, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My son loves this kind of breakfast. In fact, I often heat up leftover stir fry for him or fried rice and pop an egg on top.

  • At 28/5/09 12:13, Blogger ChrisB said…

    Glad to see you are using chopsticks.

  • At 28/5/09 20:53, Anonymous Carolyn Jung said…

    I once had cold pad thai for breakfast. (leftovers from dinner the night before, staying in a hotel, no microwave available....) My friend thought I was nuts. But it was spectacular.


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