Monday, February 02, 2009

Kitchen Mystery Quiz - Answers Revealed

How many did you guess correctly..?

Note: If you would like to have a go at this quiz before checking the answers below, then click here straight away before looking at this post!





















Hope you had fun with it!

PS - For the original quiz questions, check here.

© 2009 Sam Breach
Kitchen Mystery Quiz - Answers Revealed


  • At 3/2/09 01:05, Blogger Anna Haight said…

    Really great perspectives on these kitchen tools! I didn't actively participate, but did try to guess informally. You stumped me on some!

  • At 3/2/09 09:12, Anonymous yumm said…

    I got stumped on a bunch. Great photos!

  • At 3/2/09 13:26, Blogger Beccy said…

    I can't believe I didn't guess the balloon whisk!

  • At 3/2/09 17:40, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    I STILL don't know what some of them are. :D

  • At 4/2/09 03:48, Blogger ChrisB said…

    I managed over half in my own private guessing game.

  • At 4/2/09 16:41, Blogger Rory said…

    Im a knucklehead but that was fun, thanks. rory

    Does anyone know of any restaurants that donate money or a percentage of sales to local NYC charities?
    It's a great time to help both the charity and the restaurant!

  • At 12/2/09 14:27, Anonymous Lick My Spoon said…

    This was a fun quiz. Some of these were really tough! Thanks for the excellent perspective shots.

  • At 18/2/09 15:27, Blogger Owen said…

    The Times!!! Wow! In many ways still the first newspaper of all.

  • At 19/2/09 02:16, Blogger Alex Rushmer said…

    Stunning photographs. Found you on the Times list, looking forward to reading more

  • At 20/2/09 07:55, Anonymous Hillary said…

    You were definitely trying to trick us. That was fun though - I think I got about 4...

  • At 21/2/09 18:01, Blogger Emma Nowell said…

    so many of these surprisingly stumped me! What a great game though, I might have to steal the idea for a party (I was thinking it would make a not so cheesy and fun baby shower game?), hope you don't mind :). Love your blog, especially your banner picture, great color and texture!

  • At 25/2/09 08:57, Blogger Rebekah said…

    This is brilliant, but I wouldn't have been able to guess most of them! Lovely pics, tho.

  • At 26/2/09 14:39, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Y'all must be incredibly young and inexperienced in the kitchen. I never saw the answers, but most of the gadgets are in my kitchen drawers where I store them between uses.


  • At 28/2/09 17:57, Blogger undercover caterer said…

    The photos of the whisk and the pastry tip are awesome.

  • At 13/3/09 10:17, Blogger mlle noelle said…

    *sigh* one day I will have a lens that nice. I hope.

    cool pix. :)

  • At 27/4/09 21:05, Anonymous Ms. Glaze said…

    Wow, my kitchen tools never looked so cool! What great photos! Love the caviar spoon. (It is a caviar spoon right?!?!) Bises, Ms. Glaze

  • At 22/5/09 14:41, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ha a good old Dutch cheese slicer!!!



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