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Are you a Kitchen Whiz?

Then Take My Culinary Gadget Quiz





















I created this little quiz at Christmas for a small parlour-game soiree I hosted. We projected the photographs on to the wall and guests were only afforded a few seconds to guess what each of them might be. It's a little easier for anyone taking part online because they could gaze at them for hours, if they really wanted to. The only clue I am giving is that everything you see here is kept in one of my kitchen drawers. This is solely for a bit fun. You can write your guesses in the comments or jot them down on a piece of paper at home as you wish. And you have plenty of time. I am not going to give away the correct answers for a week or two. Enjoy...

UPDATE: the answers to the quiz are now available by clicking here.

© 2009 Sam Breach
Are you a Kitchen Whiz?


  • At 19/1/09 23:46, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I've just jotted down the first guess that came to mind in line with how you originally intended the game to be played, so here goes! for the ones i didn't bother hazarding a guess, I have no idea and stared at them for a good 15 seconds before giving up haha. :)

    1. vegetable peeler
    2. some sort of brush? no idea what for though!
    3. grater
    4. oil/vinegar pourer nozzle for bottles? (what are they called?)
    5. wooden mallet
    6. star shaped cutters
    7. knife (if i need to be more specific i'd guess paring knife but i really can't tell)
    8. either another kind of knife or a cheese grater/slicer thing

    10. some sort of weapon for stabbing people with
    11. a modern arty fruit basket?

    14. dropper or baster
    15. tongs?
    16. fish slice/slotted spoon
    17. star shaped piping nozzle tip
    18. box grater
    19. fork
    20. spaghetti scooper ladle thing

  • At 20/1/09 02:53, Blogger The Velveteen Box said…

    I'll give it a go...

    Pastry brush
    Bottle stopper/drizzler
    Meat tenderiser
    Cooker cutters
    Cake slice
    Salad tosser
    Cork screw
    End of a blow torch
    Nut cracker
    Turkey baster
    Tea strainer
    Nutmeg grater
    Piping tube
    Pasta grabber

  • At 20/1/09 10:22, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hmph. I am still bitter at having lost to my husband. On a technicality, no less!

  • At 20/1/09 10:32, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    What wonderful photos. I am stunned.

  • At 20/1/09 11:59, Blogger ChrisB said…

    I could have a strab at most but I don't expect family are allowed. There is one photo that I can really see anything!

  • At 20/1/09 14:03, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This was fun (and tough)! Here are my guesses:
    1. Peeler (shown from top down)
    2. Pastry brush or macro shot of twine/rope end
    3. Edge of butter slicer
    4. Olive oil spigot
    5. Wooden mallet
    6. Edge of tart pan or biscuit cutter
    7. knife handle
    8. Pastry server
    9. Glass candlestick
    10. corkscrew or vintage drill piece
    11. bottom of whisk
    12. screw-in juicing trumpet
    13. ice cream or cookie dough scoop
    14. turkey baster
    15. restaurant number or menu holder
    16. martini shaker top
    17. pastry star tip
    18. top view of box grater
    19. side view of fork
    20. pasta fork

  • At 20/1/09 18:16, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    OMG, if I don't pass, will you take my blog away! ;-)

    I think the other commentors have already figured them all out, so I will just tell you which pictures I like best - that would have to be #6, 11 and 13. Great photos, perfect for any kitchen.

  • At 20/1/09 23:40, Blogger Passionate Eater said…

    This is a great idea for a party icebreaker. I am flabbergasted as to what #3 and #9 could possibly be. I am on the edge of my seat, waiting for your answers!

    My guesses:
    1. Vegetable/Fruit Peeler
    2. Basting Brush
    4. Frosting Piping Tip
    5. Mallet for Crab/Meat Tenderizer
    6. Cookie Cutter
    7. Large Knife
    8. Dining Knife
    9. [SAM?! HELP!!]
    10. Corkscrew (Old Skool Kind)
    11. Whisk
    12. Nutmeg Grinder
    13. Ice Cream Scoop
    14. Baster
    15. Tea Ball
    16. Spatula
    17. Metal Drink Shaker Lid
    18. Box Grater
    19. Fork
    20. Pasta Serving Utensil

  • At 21/1/09 00:59, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At 21/1/09 02:06, Blogger Jen said…

    Okay, here are my guesses:
    pastry brush
    bottle stop
    biscuit cutter (snowflake)
    pie slice
    glass lemon squeezer (hard to see)
    cork screw
    ice cream scoop
    fish slice
    star piping nozzle
    box grater
    spaghetti fork

    some of the photos are really beautiful and sculptural. Really brings home that beauty is all around, depending on where you want to see it. Looking forward to knowing what some of them actually are.

  • At 21/1/09 08:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    1. veggie peeler
    2. basting brush
    3. mezzaluna
    4. oil pour spout
    5. mallet
    6. star cookie cutters
    7. knife
    8. cake slicer
    9. punch ladle
    10. corkscrew
    11. whisk
    12. corer
    13. cherry/olive pitter
    14. baster
    15. tea ball
    16. spatula
    17. pastry tip
    18. grater
    19. fork
    20. spaghetti spoon

    What fabulous photos! I love these utilitarian things being seen in a new light.

  • At 22/1/09 09:53, Blogger Dallas_Bitchin'Kitchen said…

    Ok, I started off knowing what most of them are, but you stumped me around 16. What a fun game to play with, I'm assuming, fellow foodies!

  • At 22/1/09 12:42, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    my guesses, quickly, before i read what others have guessed. great photos by the way.

    1. vegetable peeler
    2. pastry brush
    3. cheese slicer?
    4. Pourer
    5. Mallet
    6. Cookie cutter
    7. Haft of a knife
    8. Cheese knife
    9. Too faint to discern – something glass?
    10. Corkscrew
    11. Whisk
    12. Apple corer? Nutmeg grater?
    13. Instrument of torture
    14. Bulb baster
    15. Tea ball
    16. Egg/mushroom slicer?
    17. Pastry bag tip
    18. Box grater
    19. Fork
    20. Pronged-ladle/pasta spoon

  • At 22/1/09 20:56, Blogger bs said…

    your photos are just beautiful! i probably can't do much better than the folks who have already guessed, but i am offering:

    1) peeler
    2) pastry brush
    3) grill press
    4) bottle stopper/nozzle
    5) meat tenderizer
    6) a cookie cutter, maybe maple leaf shaped?
    7) steak knife
    8) cake server
    9) a foil cupcake liner?
    10) icepick
    11) whisk
    12) the inside of a rotary grater
    13) ?? is that some kind of pasta making doodad?
    14) turkey baster
    15) tea ball
    16) coil whisk
    17) tip for piping icing
    18) box grater
    19) fork
    20) pasta fork

    this would make an excellent set of prints for the kitchen!

  • At 27/1/09 10:01, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    A bit late but here nonetheless...

    1. peeler
    2. pastry brush
    3. mandoline
    4. cherry pitter? Wine stopper?
    5. mallet
    6. cookie cutter [a snowflake?]
    7. knife
    8. cake serving knife? [with a fancy handle!]
    9. cheesecloth? Dry ice?? [a la Joey from Friends: “A ghost!”]
    10. corkscrew... oooh, ice pick!
    11. whisk
    12. corer
    13. scoop
    14. baster
    15. tea ball
    16. cocktail strainer
    17. pastry tip
    18. box grater
    19. fork
    20. pasta fork

    Oh my. Faffing around at work is lovely - thank you!

    Launched my own food blog last week and would love for you to pop in some time!



  • At 2/2/09 15:41, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh, Pink Monkey loves games and quizzes!

    This is what she thinks:

    1. Veggie peeler
    2. Pastry brush
    3. I don't know
    4. Wine cork stopper
    5. Meat tenderizer to bash the meat soft
    6. Cookie cutter
    7. Paring knife to pare things
    8. Pie server so we can all have pie
    9. I have no idea but it looks sparkly and pretty
    10. Wine opener to screw the cork out
    11. A thing that Houdini made to entertain kids while their parents cooked
    12. A rolly thing to make indents on pasta
    13. I don't know but it looks scary
    14. Baster to baste foods with liquid
    15. Tongs!
    16. Spatula!
    17. I don't know but it looks weird
    18. Cheese grater or grater for other foods that are grate-able
    19. Fork
    20. Pasta ladler

    Yay, that was fun.

  • At 2/2/09 17:59, Blogger Xavier Kreiss said…


    I was thinking of a few answers but most of them have already been found.

    But I wanted to say I'm delighted to have found your mouth-watering and elegant site! I shall certainly come back.

    As for Fred, please convey to him the amicales salutations of a fellow-countryman ( I come from near Versailles, but have lived in London these last 30 years).

    Bien à vous,


  • At 16/2/09 15:12, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    WOW love the photography here - love the white background with the silver/gray. Nice work.

  • At 16/2/09 15:25, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, I got all but #9, which I couldn't see for some reason. Clever.

    We have most of these items, but living in downtown San Francisco means we don't use them much. We dine out too much, but it's fun!

    I also have a blog about San Francisco Quirky San Francisco ... maybe we can trade links?


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