Sunday, August 31, 2008

Slow Food Sunday

The Good Life, Worth a Watch

This is the TV I grew up with. Hope you enjoy...

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Slow Food Sunday


  • At 31/8/08 10:23, Blogger Zoomie said…

    I always loved that show - the Goode Neighbors - what fun it was!

  • At 1/9/08 09:02, Blogger ChrisB said…

    How funny you should post this I watched one of their old repeats the other evening!

  • At 8/9/08 03:11, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ahhhh, I also grew up with this! Oh what a blast from the past....I remember actually wanting to be Barbara at one point!

  • At 8/9/08 13:11, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great stuff! Only now, they'd be quids in selling artisan, seasonal and local produce in the same avenue ;)


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