Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Do You Remember your First Nectarine?

There is a reason they only put peaches in a can...picture photograph image ALT 2008 copyright of sam breach http://becksposhnosh.blogspot.com/ Summer 1980. France. Not sure where. Somewhere on the Atlantic Coast. South. Next to the Sea. Hot! In a Village. No. In the Middle of nowhere. An old house. Bare. Simple. A pot sitting on top of the stove. Hissing. Spitting. Bubbling. Simmering. Squid. Boiling. The stench. We had to get outside. Us. The kids. Escaping the parents. Not my parents. French parents. French grandparents. Not mine. Good people. A fisherman. Cooking up his catch. A pot of squid. We were children. We needed outside. A brown paper bag. From where? We escaped. The four of us. One of them handed me a fruit. I felt it. Warm in my hands. Alien to my eye. Smooth. Shiny. Deep reds. Golden oranges. Like a ball of burning sun. Lifted to my nose. Breathe in. The heady peach-like scent. But the skin, smooth. I took a bite. Oh sweet acid. My tastebuds on end. Juice dribbling down my arms. I was ravenous for that nectarine. Until I had sucked every last fibre from its stone. My first nectarine. No looking back.

To this day a juicy, acidic nectarine is one of my favourite fruits. Nectarines. Captured and pictured (above) in a sorbet recipe found in The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. My friend. Who lives in France. Land of my first taste of nectarine. David who says to serve it doused in red wine. I say, yes. That works. Just don't bother to try it with rosé.

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?When did you try your first ever nectarine?

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Do You Remember your First Nectarine?


  • At 6/8/08 11:58, Blogger Zoomie said…

    I can't even recall but like you I was sold from the very first bite! thank you, Luther Burbank!

  • At 6/8/08 15:14, Blogger Barbara said…

    I don't remember my first nectarine, but I do remember my first real white peach. It was in France, a small village, cannot remember the name,but the peach - aroma - taste - juice.... is unforgetable..

  • At 6/8/08 16:39, Blogger Manger La Ville said…

    I can't even remember my first nectarine, I felt like was born eating them. I love nectarine galettes but eating them fresh is my favorite.

  • At 7/8/08 00:21, Blogger Flo Bretzel said…

    Nectarine is our favorite fruit in the sommer. Since I live in München, I find very tasty Nectarines coming from Italy!

  • At 7/8/08 10:19, Blogger Rev. Biggles said…


    Uh, what's a nectarine?

    So, to answer your question directly, I don't know. But I can nearly remember my first bacon ...

  • At 7/8/08 15:08, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    I was a little kid. Resisting peaches, because they were fuzzy. (Kids.)
    My mom said, "Try this, then."
    Who knew??!!

  • At 8/8/08 10:14, Blogger Mallika said…

    One of my favourite fruits. Grilled with some cinnamon powder and served with vanilla ice cream works for me.

  • At 8/8/08 10:25, Anonymous Helen said…

    I do remember, although the story is not either Romantic or exciting. I was at home, as a child and I remember thinking it was an absolute revelation compared with the peach, the skin of which still makes me shiver like someone is running their nails down a blackboard.

  • At 8/8/08 14:16, Anonymous Sweet and Victuals said…

    As a toddler in Northern California. Thinly sliced with yogurt. Mmmmm...

  • At 10/8/08 01:26, Blogger Penny said…

    i love finding random blog friends. i don't know what i did to find u but your "lettuce soup" came up in a google search recently. god knows what i was searching for but it sure wasn't lettuce soup.

    love the blog. x


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