Sunday, June 15, 2008

Learning to Cook the Whole Hog

with Frances Wilson at Tante Marie's...

picture photograph image ham with parsley sauce 2008 copyright of sam breach
Comfort food: whole Boiled Ham served with Parsley Sauce

picture photograph image Cuban Roast Pork Sandwiches 2008 copyright of sam breach
Delicious hand-built Cuban Roast Pork Sandwiches

picture photograph image warm sausage potato salad 2008 copyright of sam breach
Perfect: Warm Sausage & Potato Salad with Arugula.

picture photograph image head cheese 2008 copyright of sam breach
A taste of head cheese.

picture photograph image making sausage 2008 copyright of sam breach
Sausage Makers.

picture photograph image making sausage 2008 copyright of sam breach
Carefully removing the skin from freshly smoked/cooked bacon.

Guess I am going to be putting a smoker on my shopping list now..!

Check out Tante Marie's Website for their Cooking Class Schedule.

2007 | Technology in the Kitchen
2006 | Magnolia Bakery - Bleecker Street - New York
2005 | Cáfe Bassam - Downtown - San Diego - CA

© 2008 Sam Breach
Learning to Cook the Whole Hog


  • At 15/6/08 12:40, Blogger ChrisB said…

    I particularly like the look of the ham and parsley sauce :)

  • At 15/6/08 13:08, Blogger Sam said…

    To be honest - parsley sauce wasn't actually on the schedule but I asked the teacher if I could make some to accompany the ham and she agreed.

    I love the combination of salty ham and the plain, creamy sauce. Even though it isn't sophisticated.

  • At 15/6/08 15:53, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Salt lumps!

  • At 15/6/08 16:10, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Love the sausage, potato, arugula salad :)

  • At 15/6/08 16:56, Blogger Barbara said…

    Yum, home made pork sausages.

  • At 16/6/08 06:53, Blogger Papa Squirrel said…

    It looks like you had a tremendous amount of fun with your hog.

    Perhaps one day we'll get you to west Tennessee where whole hog means the whole hog goes on the smoker for 24 hours.

    Check out the Southern Foodways Alliance oral history project. They have some fascinating info on eating head to tail all in one fell swoop.

  • At 16/6/08 09:04, Blogger Elra said…

    Sounds delice!
    In Bali they have this suckling pig, I am talking about the whole pig (head to tail) hmmmm

  • At 16/6/08 10:22, Blogger Zoomie said…

    I have often wanted to take a class at Tante Marie's and maybe this post is the incentive I needed! It all looks good!

  • At 16/6/08 10:42, Blogger Sam said…

    Hey everyone - just wanted to stop by and mention that was just a cross-section of what we all cooked and learned about. We didn't start with a whole hog in its entirety, and many of the items had been started in advance by our teacher, because the day long class wasn't long enough, But she did a good job of explaining how many of the things we couldn't actually do that day, could be done. It certainly demystified the processes and made me eager to try some things I had been a little nervous of trying previously.

  • At 16/6/08 18:33, Anonymous Shane said…

    Yum! Let me know if you have a practice cooking session....I'm there.

  • At 18/6/08 14:37, Anonymous swirlingnotions said…

    Holy moly does that look cool! I've always wanted to cure a haunch of wild boar, and this post sort of hits that same nerve. I'll have to get in touch with my hunter friends and see if it's too late in the season . . .

  • At 20/6/08 18:44, Blogger Mariah & Byron Edgington said…

    YUM! I haven't had head cheese in years. My mouth watered just seeing the pix. Being new bloggers we were out surfing for new blogspots -- love yours. Check our blog for couples out and give us some feedback.
    Mariah & Byron

  • At 21/6/08 00:34, Blogger jag03 said…

    wow, those recipes are pretty tasty you really got me hungry...

  • At 21/6/08 05:57, Anonymous JSL@Palate said…

    Hog-digady! That looks scrummy. Beautiful pics. In fact, your whole website looks gorgeous and edible!


  • At 23/6/08 02:33, Blogger Sara's Texture Crafts said…

    Congratulations on your 'Blog of Note' honour... I've loved reading what I have seen so far, so keep it up!
    Sara xx

  • At 27/6/08 16:57, Blogger jwhit47 said…

    Those are some good looking photos. It's making me kinda hungry. I wish someone delivered food like that around here. That'd be nice.

  • At 29/6/08 08:43, Blogger Leigh said…

    ph yeah, total porkography. Great post, and i can't think of anything more fitting!

  • At 2/7/08 21:13, Blogger Jepoy said…

    quote on sausage makers: we call them here in Philippines, "Longanisa Maker". It's pretty delicious the one they make sausages. And there's a lot of variety, like sweet, salty, etc etc.

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  • At 29/12/08 22:07, Anonymous Bill said…

    MMMM a mouth watering post....always love new pork recipes


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