Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sixty Nine


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Today I got out of the Farmers' Market for $69:

2 organic navel oranges - 2 organic lemons - 1lb organic Straus butter - 1 squoodgy Buffalo mozzarella - a large bunch of basil - 2 gleaming organic little gems - a bunch of beautiful dirty organic radishes - an organic cauliflower - a bunch of organic leeks - handfuls of favas - sturdy stalks of rhubarb - organic King trumpet mushrooms - half a pound of grass fed beef skirt steak - an avocado - a pain epi - two croissants - three punnets brimming with Swanton's wonderful strawberries.

Things left over from last week I can add to the mix:

milk - cream - eggs - celery - onions - carrot - shallots - cheese - guanciale

what I am, perhaps, thinking about:

stewed rhubarb and strawberries - orange caramel strawberries - classic ragu and homemade taglietelle - simple salad with French-style vinaigrette - Paul Bertolli's cauliflower soup - roasted mushrooms with mozzarella and basil - favas roasted whole in their pods.

I don't know about you, but I do this every Saturday - you know - make up all sorts of ambitious, delicious-sounding plans for the produce I've just bought. It never seems to turn out quite how I imagine though. I wonder how many of this week's ideas will actually end up on my dinner plate?

Either way, I think I need a nap before I get to work in the kitchen...

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?What did you buy at the market today and what are you thinking about doing with your bounty?

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Sixty Nine


  • At 3/5/08 11:10, Anonymous Allison said…

    Today at the farmer's market: a bunch of lettuce, 2 cucumbers, half a pound of baby carrots. All for $4.50 This week, it will all become a fantastic salad! Yum. :)

  • At 3/5/08 11:17, Anonymous T Shane said…

    Can you make some mint julep's? The Derby starts at 1:30.

  • At 3/5/08 11:27, Blogger Sam said…

    allison - that sounds like a bargain.
    T Shane - can you see MINT on my list, huh?

  • At 3/5/08 12:52, Anonymous EB said…

    I woke up with the best intentions of going... I mean LOOK at it outside! But then crepes called me for breakfast (using strawberries from this week's Fruit Guys delivery) and well... crepe coma trumped market.

  • At 3/5/08 13:12, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    You Brits.
    I hope you make the tagliatelle.
    We are dealing with asparagus, onions, eggs, yogurt. There's an omelette happening in the kitchen right now (and I'm not in the kitchen!).

  • At 3/5/08 13:12, Blogger Kitt said…

    I still have a massive leek left from my visit to the Ferry Building two weeks ago that I'm going to use to make a variant of scallion pancakes tonight.

    Meanwhile yesterday I went to six Asian markets looking for a Chinese rolling pin, but only bought stuff at the first place: Chinese chives (also for the pancakes), yu choi, water spinach and a mango. I was very restrained! I know if I buy too much it will go bad before I can eat it all.

  • At 3/5/08 13:23, Blogger Casey said…

    I just got around to posting about my purchases at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market two weeks ago --all that's left from that foray are a few eggs. Tomorrow we'll bike to the California Street market in Palo Alto--and I'm already looking forward to the Basque cake I'll be buying from one of my favorite vendors.
    (The baskets are on MY bike--so cake, berries, greens are OK to buy --but I repeatedly tell J: "No potatoes; no large bags of onions; no mammoth sacks of citrus."

  • At 3/5/08 14:35, Blogger ChrisB said…

    CC so what do Americans call punnets?

  • At 3/5/08 18:40, Blogger Barbara said…

    One iceberg lettuce (sorry Jamie Oliver but I like them),1 avocado,2kg roma tomatoes, 1 bunch basil, 4 unwaxed lisbon lemons,6 apples (unwaxed yay),1 large ciabaata,500gr fresh pasta from the lovely Italian man,bunch green beans, bag of waxy potatoes, two purple potatoes, 1 bag macadamia nut muesli.
    Tomato and basil - salad.
    Apples and muesli with yogurt for breakfasts.
    Iceberg lettuce - sandwiches during the week.
    Lemons - preserved lemons.
    Pasta for dinner tonight.
    Ciabatta for bbq today.
    Waxy potatoes for potato salad for bbq.
    Purple potatoes and green beans - to serve together 'cos I think it will look fun.

  • At 4/5/08 01:55, Blogger Bron said…

    today's Marshall loot was smaller than yesterday's big city haul, our wee country bumpkins market is small!

    *1 kg of Manuka honey - winter flu insurance and cheaper than doctor visits!
    *500g tomatoes - because we used the last of our own last week
    *fire flame chillies - they were pretty

  • At 4/5/08 11:23, Anonymous Susan said…

    Kumquats, strawberries, rhubarb, basil (I made a galette with these, which is here.) Also fennel, salad greens, new potatoes, lemons, summer squash, garlic, sweet potatoes, red onion, bok choy, goat sage cheddar, pepper jack.

  • At 4/5/08 17:01, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    ChrisB: We just call them baskets. Not as poetic.

  • At 5/5/08 13:10, Blogger Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said…

    I stocked up on avocados! I can't get enough of them ... I like slicing them up in salads or making big bowls of guacamole ... Yum! Also, the roasted mushrooms on your list sound fantastic!

  • At 6/5/08 06:49, Anonymous enidd said…

    yum, sam. enidd had her own version of pasta primavera last night - pasta, asparagus, courgette, peas, topped with a little cheese. nice way to add lots of green stuff...

  • At 6/5/08 08:17, Blogger Farmer de Ville said…

    Our local market hasn't opened for the season yet, but the hills are popping with black morels!

    Here is what I'm talking about:
    Oregon Morels!

    So, the plan is to make "cascade morels with silver falls chevre and local hazelnut dust"

    Cheers -


  • At 6/5/08 08:30, Blogger Aaron Kagan said…

    Sadly the fantastic farmer's markets of the Boston area have yet to fully reappear, though I've managed to find both rhubarb and fiddle heads.

    I baked uncut sticks of the rhubarb (with sugar and ginger) wrapped in whole wheat pie dough, pinched in the middle so that they looked kind of like rhubarb cannolis.

    I steamed the fiddle heads in beer, and then drank the rest of the beer.

    Otherwise I'm still polishing off the remains of my apples, pumpkins, potatoes and frozen marrow bones.

  • At 6/5/08 10:49, Blogger Scott at Real Epicurean said…

    Unfortunately nothing from the market for me - despite knowing that the farmer's market was on, I totally forgot about it.

    Still, a day spent at the beach and fish 'n chips on the way home isn't all bad!

  • At 6/5/08 16:24, Blogger nicole said…

    I totally know what you mean! I got a lot of strawberries and was going to do something fun with them (shortcake?), but then we ended up just eating them all ... which wasn't half bad :) Your roasted mushroom/mozz thing sounds delish.

    Yay, spring.

  • At 7/5/08 08:08, Anonymous Hillary said…

    I have not - eep - ever been to a farmer's market so I enjoyed this list with price and all. I always thought they were so expensive, but this doesn't sound bad.

  • At 9/5/08 10:25, Anonymous leela said…

    Wednesday at the farmer's market in Austin, Texas:
    6 medium lovely leeks
    5 or 6 enormous beets
    4 purple kohlrabi
    dozen fresh eggs
    massive bunch of little carrots with tops
    ~1 1/2 pounds tiny new potatoes
    8 or 9 peaches
    pint of blackberries
    that's all i remember now, but it was only $24 for all of it! the eggs and leeks have already come together in a delicious fritatta.

  • At 10/5/08 12:00, Anonymous Maggie said…

    Here in the Garden State (NJ) it's too early and cold for the farmers' markets; but, we have a fabulous market, Wegman's ~ yesterday's purchase was fresh ground chicken & pork for a loaf with Vidalia onion, red & green peppers, two tiny zucchinis, and salad greens.
    Today I bought vanilla yogurt for my dogs ~ I mix it with a glucosomine/joint support for their arthritis, milk bones for senior dogs, and lean pockets
    Not too exciting!

  • At 27/5/08 22:10, Blogger Katie's blog said…

    I love going to the local farmer's market in St. Louis. When there, I always buy herbs, cheese, lettuce, beans, potatoes, and anything else that looks good. I just love the market.


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