Monday, February 04, 2008

Real Super Bowl Party Food

Wiener Sputnick

picture photograph by SeenyaRita, used with permission, 2008 copyright of
Photograph replicated with permission of SeenyaRita, all rights reserved.

If you go to a Super Bowl pot-luck party next year, DON'T, I repeat DON'T, take jasmine tea cookies. You will be far more popular if you take sausages on sticks, especially if you have thrust them sputnick-like into a cabbage which has had its top hollowed out to hold a burner, in which to warm your wieners.

Nice one Eric, nice one son!

PS - My homemade Tuna Poke, on the other hand, wasn't too unpopular at all.

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Real Super Bowl Party Food


  • At 4/2/08 22:20, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You can never go wrong with meat on a stick, especially at a Super Bowl party. If it makes you feel any better, I would have gladly eaten your jasmine tea cookies while watching sweaty 300+ pound men smash into each other!

  • At 4/2/08 23:25, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I found a Ziploc upstairs with said jasmine tea cookies. They are crispy and delicious. I wish that my head cold allowed me to fully appreciate their delicate flavors.
    Now, back to the leftover meat-on-a-stick!

  • At 5/2/08 00:23, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I've been taged twice to tell ten people on their blog that reading them makes my day.

    Of course your are one of them.

    Can I have tea cookies on a stick now?

  • At 5/2/08 16:28, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    P.S. I forgot to rave about the poké. It was the one dish that stopped me from having a burger. Sorry if I ate more than my humble share.

  • At 5/2/08 18:08, Blogger Cate said…

    Love it!

  • At 5/2/08 18:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yes, sausages on sticks are usually a crowd-pleaser! Save those tea cookies for the bingo game! :)

  • At 6/2/08 13:08, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm more surprised at your having absinthe at a Super Bowl party. Are you sure anyone watched the game???

  • At 7/2/08 09:04, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That, and meatballs, will surely be the winner at any super bowl party!

  • At 12/2/08 01:15, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I finally had one of your cookies! They were fantastic (even a week later).

    Great seeing you!

  • At 29/2/08 13:46, Blogger Unknown said…

    Mmmm....seeing that creation again makes me Hon-gry!

    Sam, thanks for showing me on the iPhone.

    Should we expect a Tommy's Joynt review next? :)


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