Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No Internet Access til the end of the year, sigh.

One of the reasons I couldn't help host Menu for Hope this year was because the place where I am heading today [see picture above] has no internet access. But that's ok...

I've already made my bids on the raffle.

I've gifted a load of tickets to family and friends as Christmas presents and asked them to forward details of the Menu for Hope to their own foodie friends and work news groups.

I have posted the Menu for Hope details on my own company newsgroup and Fred has posted it on his newsgroup too.

I've tried everything I can to get my readers to purchase more tickets for my own prize UW32 of an English Tea package. (Including bribery. Everyone's a winner with Becks & Posh.)

With the help of The Fatted Calf I have added another prize to the roster. UW36

Pim has kindly agreed to let me use the Menu for Hope money raising widget in this post, so you can keep track of how we are doing, whilst I am off line. The amount shown, is the total number of money we raise to help feed the children of Lesotho. If this number hasn't flown way past $60k by the time I get back, I am going to be disappointed. But my readers have never disappointed me yet. You aren't going to start disappointing me now, are you? Of course not.

Happy Holidays everyone. Thank you for sharing 2007 with me, here at Becks & Posh.

PS - You only have two more days to place your bids - the raffle closes on December 21st, so hurry!

© 2007 Sam Breach


  • At 19/12/07 09:15, Blogger ChrisB said…

    I will be doing my little bit to help and I put in a plea to my readers last Monday.

    Have a lovely time. We will be thinking of you both on Christmas Day but will be sad not to be able to speak to you. Love mum xx

  • At 19/12/07 12:47, Blogger Michael said…

    Same from me have a lovely time mum is bidding as I leave a comment. Lots of love Dad

  • At 19/12/07 12:51, Anonymous EB of said…

    No way you could SIGH about no internet acccess while on that gorgeous little island! So jealous. Merry Christmas.

  • At 20/12/07 21:37, Blogger FaustianBargain said…

    hurrah! past 60k..!

  • At 21/12/07 05:11, Blogger One Food Guy said…

    Bon voyage! Happy Holidays! Enjoy the warmth wherever you are!

  • At 21/12/07 12:37, Blogger Douglas Cress said…

    Have a great trip Sam. I will check out your MFH.

  • At 22/12/07 23:22, Blogger Rasa Malaysia said…

    OMG, where are you heading to? I can't tell from the picture alone and I tried to see what you call your picture, but it said 3-1??? LOL.

    Anyway, thanks for the fab prizes and congrats for winning the Best Food Blog (City)!

  • At 29/12/07 14:18, Blogger Sally Lomax said…

    Happy Christmas Sam!

  • At 30/12/07 17:06, Blogger Rasa Malaysia said…

    I am green with envy! Fiji, that FIJI? Oh my gosh, I am a HUGE islomaniac and looooooove islands, , blue sky, turquoise sea, and powdery sands. Quick quick post the pictures I wanted to see your vacation in paradise, and yes, those Fijian lobsters, please!!!


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