Sunday, December 16, 2007

How to Make the Best Clotted Cream in the USA

Sharing a Secret, Shhhh....

picture photograph image english cream tea 2007 copyright of sam breach
Home baked Scones based on a recipe by Delia Smith, English Butter, June Taylor Red Cloud Apricot Conserve and Secret Homemade Clotted Cream.

...But With Only a Few of You

*Update February 2009* The recipe has now been published online. Read it here.

As you can see, I have discovered a method of making fantastic, fresh clotted cream in the USA. Everyone who bids on my English Tea Prize code UW32 in the Menu For Hope Raffle working to raise money to help feed the children of Lesotho, has the chance to be in on the secret too. I will have cards printed with the photograph above (taken in my kitchen yesterday), and the method for making the clotted cream, which I will send via regular mail. The secret will be revealed only to those people* who bid on prize UW32 and the email me at with their postal address and the Firstgiving display name under which the donation was made. I also promise not to reveal the secret of making clotted cream on my blog until 2009 at the earliest and then no guarantee. So if you can't wait to find out, you'll have to bid. Simple as that.

*This offer expires on December 31st 2007. Please make your UW32 bid by December 21st 2007 and email your details to me, as outlined above, by December 31st 2007. This offer applies to everyone who has already bid on prize UW32 too, just email me with your details. Thank you.

© 2007 Sam Breach
How to Make the Best Clotted Cream in the USA


  • At 16/12/07 17:27, Blogger Alice Q. said…

    Bribery - I love it! I'm off to bid right now!

  • At 17/12/07 07:20, Blogger Anita said…

    Sam! Congrats on willing Best City Blog :)

    We'll have to celebrate soon

  • At 17/12/07 09:05, Blogger ChrisB said…

    Who is doubly clever then! Congratulations and that cream looks lovely.
    I hope you get lots of bids I have given you a plug today.

  • At 17/12/07 13:04, Blogger Monkey Gland said…

    I find it auspicious that I come to your site for this first time in a lonnnng time (sorry) and I find a post on clotted cream.

    As if the planets had aligned with the fates and brought a wonderful synergy. Like in the Dark Cyrstal.


  • At 17/12/07 14:12, Anonymous Julie said…

    Bribery! I love it! I was going to bid on the gorgeous prospect of a truly authentic tea anyway, so there. But if I win, G and I might just have to fly out to you to have our tea party made manifest. In the meantime, I'll comfort myself with scones and top-secret clotted cream...

  • At 17/12/07 14:31, Blogger San Francisco Photos said…

    yum, yum, yum! those look too tasty! gotta make some myself!

  • At 18/12/07 05:52, Blogger Babeth said…

    Congratulations on your participation to menu for hope IV, and also for your blog award!!

  • At 18/12/07 08:34, Blogger Dagny said…

    Congrats on winning Best City Blog!

  • At 19/12/07 07:59, Blogger Helô said…

    Dear Sam
    Have read your mouth-watering blog for some time already. Is your offer open to people living in Brazil?
    hugs from the land of the sun

  • At 19/12/07 08:03, Blogger Sam said…

    I will send these clotted cream cards to anyone anywhere in the world, although I cannot guarantee you will be able to find the product you need to make the clotted cream, you will most certainly get the card!

  • At 19/12/07 11:05, Blogger Karolyn said…

    I am a frequent blog stalker and never have posted a comment. My dad would fly to England when he was in the Air Force, bring back scones and clotted cream and I fell in love. But it cannot be found here and I never thought I'd satisfy my cravings until I go back to England every 10 years or so, but you have bribed me successfully!
    Can't wait to learn! Yay, and thank you :)

  • At 22/12/07 09:48, Anonymous molly said…

    Search recipes as yummy as this one from your mobile phone with Boopsie.

    Perfect for holiday traveling.

  • At 7/1/08 19:32, Blogger BreadBox said…

    Oh rats! I came across this too late -- and it would have inspired me to bid too!

    Here's hoping you'll share the recipe a year from now with those of us who missed this post last month:-)

    Happy new year, and best wishes to you and yours,


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