Sunday, June 24, 2007

Home Made Food Gifts

Guarantee Smiles

picture photograph of hand made food gift by Jen Maiser of 2007 copyright of sam breach
Do you think that Jen will mind that I put my 'tea herbs' in a Pimm's and Lemonade cocktail instead?

Food Bloggers are an ingenious bunch, none more so than Jen Maiser of Life Begins at 30 who stunned me with this beautiful homemade gift a couple of weeks ago. No one correctly guessed the answer to this question in the quiz I left last week but eventually the other gifts were matched to their makers by observant readers. The Butterscotch Pot de Creme, of course, was made by Shuna of Eggbeater and the amazingly fruity and creamy fresh pink strawberry ice cream was lovingly crafted for me by Catherine of Food Musings. What with all this and all the other lovely gifts I received from other wonderful people, I have to tell you, I have the loveliest friends.

picture photograph of hand made food gift preserved lemons by Jen Maiser of 2007 copyright of sam breach
Look! She made me dinky little preserved lemons!

picture photograph of hand made food gift vanilla pods by Jen Maiser of 2007 copyright of sam breach
She gave me more vanilla pods than I can shake a stick at! Also included were dried Bing cherries, cooking herbs and homemade rose geranium syrup.

Thanks Jen, Shuna, Catherine and all my other lovely friends.

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Home Made Food Gifts


  • At 24/6/07 10:48, Blogger ChrisB said…

    Sam these are lovely close ups of your gift; of course i am still waiting for you to tell me what I can send you; if you leave if too long it will be Christmas as well.!!

  • At 24/6/07 12:00, Blogger Alice Q. said…

    Well I'm glad I didn't even try, because I would have been wrong! I guessed one of the sweets was from Shuna, but I was stumped on the rest. The "knows how to make it" should have been the giveaway I guess. And the jars gift truly is a stunner. Clearly, I need to buddy up to Jen! ;-) Hope things are good!

  • At 24/6/07 16:17, Blogger Papa Squirrel said…

    Now I feel guilty for not sending you a gift. We need to whip up something Southern for you. So, how do you feel about chitlins and pickled pig's feet? :-)

  • At 24/6/07 17:32, Blogger Jennifer Maiser said…

    I'm so glad you liked it -- and to the reader who asked where the jars were from: I bought them at Sur La Table -- they were the perfect small size for this gift.

  • At 28/6/07 23:07, Blogger shuna fish lydon said…

    I think I'd have to agree that I have the loveliest friends as well. It's not everyone who would allow gifts at a karaoke party.

    glad to be of loveliness service.


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