Monday, October 09, 2006

Burning Man Decompression 2006

Finding 'Food' in Unexpected Places:

burning man decompression photographs  2006

Apart from touring around a friend and her visiting sister around the Farmers Market, and making 20lbs of tomatoes into sauce for freezing, I didn't do anything much food-related this weekend. Instead, thanks to my lovely German friend I watched the Blue Angels from a prime spot on a boat in the Bay, lost in a poker tournament and then hung out for half of Sunday at the Burning Man Decompression, a yearly event in our Dogpatch neighbourhood.

The cupcake above is actually some kind of bicycle (I think). And the picture below proves that even little cute, red, butterfly fairies need to eat from time to time.

burning man decompression photographs  2006 dogpatch san francisco

Check here for more of our Burning Man Decompression 2006 photos (non food-related). We were helping our friend Brian (designer of the Farmer Brown interior), taking some posed photographs of the revellers and I will post up here is the link here to his superior collection of pictures as soon as he reminds me of the web address. He had a tripod and did proper lighting and stuff. Mine & Fred's pictures are just snapshots, that's all.

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Burning Man Decompression 2006


  • At 9/10/06 01:17, Anonymous Mum said…

    Interesting photos Sam

  • At 9/10/06 03:35, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love the cupcake bicycle! although I would have no idea how to ride it. It looks like it would a be a road hazzard.

  • At 9/10/06 06:14, Blogger wheresmymind said…

    Looks like a great time!! I want to hang out with Mr. Roboto :)

  • At 9/10/06 10:14, Anonymous kungfoodie kat said…

    The cupcake cars!!!

    There is actually a whole series of cupcake cars and they're so adorable. I have a photo of them out in the desert that I've been meaning to post. They're actually motorized and run on electric power (batteries recharged using solar panels). Some folks in Berkeley made them.

  • At 9/10/06 15:03, Blogger krista said…

    That looks like allot of fun!

  • At 10/10/06 00:50, Anonymous kungfoodie kat said…

    Just tracked down a photo with all (or most) of the cupcake cars from burning man this taken by my camp neighbor Neil. These things are so adorable when you see them all driving in circles around each other.

  • At 11/10/06 02:06, Anonymous James said…

    Nice photos but i wouldnt like the cupcake bicycle i wouldnt even know how to get on without plenty of people to hold it up.


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