Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Too Much Picnic

Being With Friends Is More Fun Than Stuffing Yourself

photograph picture mother possum picks berries for the picnic from too much picnic by Peter jan Honigsburg and ryan jones

A work colleague of mine, Ryan Jones, is the illustrator of a new book, Too Much Picnic, designed to be read to young children. The story centres on a gluttonous mole called Cocoa who would rather stuff his face with ice cream, pizza, cake and burgers than be a meaningful member of his community. The moral of the story is that Cocoa soon realises that his friends are more important to him than food.

This might be the perfect gift for a foodie friend with children, or for the child of a foodie friend. The book will be available on June 1st from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or directly from the publishers.

PS Read more about the book here.

And on this day in 2004:Another Local Childrens' Book - Simon and the Sock Monster

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Too Much Picnic


  • At 24/5/06 10:10, Anonymous Ivonne said…


    Judging by the illustration I can only imagine what a beautiful book it is!

    I have a lot of foodie children in my life so thanks for the tip.

  • At 24/5/06 12:46, Anonymous mum said…

    Sam what age is this aimed at it looks good I might think about it for Tegan

  • At 24/5/06 17:09, Anonymous amanda said…

    he's yummy.

  • At 24/5/06 23:05, Blogger Stephanie said…

    I'm getting this. Alex would love it...ok, so would we!

  • At 26/5/06 00:25, Blogger Robyn said…

    That sounds so cute! My problem is that stuffing myself is usually an intergral part of being with friends. We stuff ourselves...togetherrrr...and then feel the pain...togetherrr...

    Friends are awesome. GOO COCOAA!!

  • At 26/5/06 07:16, Anonymous Bill Belew said…

    Looks like a very cute book. Perhaps the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon tea with fairy cakes! Great ideas abound on this blog. Thanks so much!

  • At 26/5/06 11:47, Blogger Sam said…

    ivonne - it is very cute indeed. Sometimes I wish i was a little kid again getting books read to me and looking at the pictures.

    mum - i am sure it would suit tegan, maybe even Ben. How old is Tegan now?

    Amanda - I'll tell him you said so ;)

    Stephanie - I know ryan will be so excited to know one of my readers was inspired to buy a book.

    Robyn - well perhaps you have a point. I was doing that just last night!

    Bill - you got it!

  • At 11/6/06 11:22, Blogger Drive By Fruiting said…

    Your blog rocks!


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