Monday, May 24, 2004

Simon and The Sock Monster

Sunday May 23rd 2004

KO held an afternoon party at the home she shares with husband D, for the launch of her new book, Simon and the Sock Monster.

D had been up until 4.30 am in the morning creating the most delicious and impressive assortment of exquisite canapes and petits fours. Little home-baked cheese biscuits and toasts topped with marinated salmon, some white bean puree (I think?), delicious scallops, or tiny tomatoes with feta and herbs. Huge plates of succulent spicy marinated chicken were also on offer. A dessert plate covered in a mix of sweet treats, coconut and raspberry jam cookies plus biscotti and brownies, all homemade, was just as tempting.
As the kids splashed in the pool and the adults quaffed french red wines, KO signed copies of her beautifully illustrated new book.

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    Simon and The Sock Monster


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