Sunday, February 12, 2006

Tarty Behaviour

Restaurant Critic beds Clint and Elvis!

photograph picture collage of gael greene restaurant critic

When the news broke on Friday that New York restaurant critic Gael Greene had bedded some very famous men, as well as a male porn star, the first thing I wanted to know was what she looked like. The interesting thing was, that in all of the photographs thrown up by google image search, Gael was hiding under a hat. Pah!

Great food is like great sex - the more you have the more you want.
Gael Greene

Although there are at least two food bloggers I know of who have shared kisses with pop stars and actors, don't expect me to spill the beans on who they or their suitors were. You'll have to wait until I am on my death bed writing my food blogger memoir, for that. (Ha, ha, no links in this paragraph!)

In the meantime, if you were behaving badly like Gael Greene, which three super stars would you choose to indulge in a tryst with?

1) Nicholas Cage
2) Sean Bean
3) Alan Rickman

Or someone else, perhaps?

PS I know this is a silly, not very serious post, but this is a silly not very serious Sunday, so there!

Archive Alert! On this date in 2005 - Paper Chef Winner.

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Tarty Behaviour


  • At 12/2/06 13:11, Blogger b7b said…

    Aye Sam!

    What about male readers?
    I'd fancy dinner and drinks with
    Shakira thank you very much.

  • At 12/2/06 13:26, Blogger MM said…

    Er, does kissing Richard Branson, Winton Marsali and one of the All Blacks count?

    Well, Nicholas Cage would be interesting only because it is such a talented actor. Not keen on Sean Bean and I think I would have to be male and gay to entice Alan Rickman. OK, I pick Alan Rickman. Do I get a price now?

  • At 12/2/06 15:02, Anonymous kudzu said…

    "It was wonderful sex in an era of wonderful sexual possibilities.." ????
    Does she think no such thing exists now, or is she referring to the wonderful days of everyone's (unprotected) sleeping around?

    Looking at the photos you showed, and remembering her from those early days at the magazine, methinks she hath had some nice work done.

    Retracting my claws, but not my curiosity, this cat wants to read more of the silliness.

  • At 12/2/06 16:01, Blogger Cyndi said…

    Um, which three individually or all at once together? Hmmmm. (hee hee)
    I gotta go with Sean Bean. But Alan Rickman's not bad, either. Never could handle Nicholas Cage. Ever. But if I get to add my own, I'll take either Mark Harmon or Naveen Andrews ("Lost").

  • At 12/2/06 16:15, Anonymous Ivonne said…

    This one's easy ... Boromir from Lord of the Rings ... oops ... I mean Sean Bean!

  • At 12/2/06 16:43, Blogger Kalyn said…

    I'm choosing my own list. Robert DeNiro, Tim Robbins, and John Edwards. (Remember Sam, I'm a *bit* older than you.)

  • At 12/2/06 16:52, Blogger shuna fish lydon said…

    Catherine Deneuve, Raul Julia, Scarlet Johannsen, LL Cool J.

  • At 12/2/06 16:56, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Oh, Alan Rickman, hellyeah.
    Er, well, Scarlett Johannsen too? ;)

  • At 12/2/06 18:53, Blogger Rose said…

    Oh boy oh boy!!!!

    1. Colin Firth (just imagine him in that white wet shirt coming out of the lake in Pride and Prejudice and you'd want to go trysting with him too)

    2. Sean Connery (oh gawd, I'm a sucker for the scottish accent!)

    3. Gerard Butler (REALLY, the scottish accent just melts me to pieces)

    my, my...all my choices are from the UK, sam.

  • At 12/2/06 19:52, Anonymous Fatemeh said…

    How much do I love you for including Alan Rickman? Those lips, that voice like aged bourbon.


    I kinda have a thing for Viggo Mortenson, too. And also Josh Lucas... definitely Josh Lucas. Oh, and um Patrick Dempsey, too.

    I guess it's a good thing I married a boy with dreamy eyes, huh?

  • At 12/2/06 20:49, Blogger Mary said…

    Oh good clean fun.. let's see, I'd have a hard time narrowing it down any further than this:
    Dinner in a Barolo cellar with Raoul Bova.
    A Canterbury wine weekend with Ritchie McCaw.
    A big night out in Dublin with Colin Farrell.

  • At 13/2/06 01:51, Blogger Pille said…

    It'd have to be Alan Rickman, definitely:)

  • At 13/2/06 02:51, Blogger b'gina said…

    Ooh, Alan Rickman! Sexy mouth and arrogant attitude. Why do I find arrogant men so attractive?

    What a great segue. :G:

  • At 13/2/06 04:48, Blogger Moira said…

    O.K., time for a complete departure from the gents that Sam listed: I would go for The Rock. Yes, the guy that used to be a wrestler and is now an actor. Yum-my.

    Thanks for the tarty topic, Sam! ;-)

  • At 13/2/06 05:19, Anonymous GastroChick said…

    None of the above, instead Jack Bauer from 24.
    and pretty much the entire male cast from lost, especially Sawyer.

    I stayed at a friends villa many years ago and her mother was friendly with Alan Rickman, I didn't find him sexy at all but then again I was only 18 and I thought he was ancient!

  • At 13/2/06 07:47, Blogger Sam said…

    ha ha - glad you all had fun with this - looks like we are all going to have to share old Ricky-boy.

    (b7b- looks like you have Shakira all to yourself)

  • At 14/2/06 11:19, Anonymous josie said…

    Alan Rickman! Alan Rickman!

  • At 14/2/06 16:01, Blogger mrs d said…


    (echo echo echo echo!)

    Oh, wait... ::ahem:: Rickman fans...

    Go here, turn down the lights, turn up the volume, pour yourself a nice glass of port... and, well...

    (Seriously, if you're alone in the room, I dare ya to listen without wanting to rip your clothes off. Double dare ya.)

  • At 14/2/06 17:49, Blogger Catherine said…

    Definitely, Alan Rickman. I must say I'm surprised by his popularity here. Dark and sulky wins.

    Of course, Nick's not bad either. We both lived in SF back in my extreme youth. I kept thinking I saw him driving around town in a kind of beat up honda civic. My flatmates would just roll around laughing at me!

  • At 14/2/06 21:07, Blogger Shauna said…

    Oh, it looks like I'm going to have to fight for him, but I'd say Alan Rickman any time. (Colin Firth wasn't on the list, but he's on my list, baby.) Especially Alan Rickman in Truly Madly Deeply. Ay. Ay.

    Mrs. D, you just aren't fair, sending us to the Shakespeare site. I need my smelling salts now. Ay. Ay.

    As for the connections with actors... my lips are sealed on that one.

  • At 15/2/06 22:14, Blogger Elise said…

    Of your list, Alan Rickman for sure.

    And since we are dealing with extreme fantasy, I would have to add my favorite Jeremy Brett, even though he has been not among the living for the last 10 years.

    And, every time I travel to LA these days I do keep my eye out for Hugh Laurie.


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