Thursday, May 19, 2005

Calendar Update

Keeping up with all the online Food and Wine Blogging Community Events is a logistical nightmare. Let me try and help you out.

  • My Quiz to Win a $60 Amazon voucher deadline May 22nd.
  • Still time to sign up for the wonderful Shuna's Eggbeater Custard Class to be held at my pad on Wednesday night. Complimentary pizza and drinks provided by me.
  • Sugar High Friday 8, Citrus, deadline today (or tomorrow) at My Adventures in the Breadbox.
  • IMBB 15, Has My Blogged Jelled over at Elise's Simply Recipes. Deadline Sunday 22nd May.
  • Dine & Dish 2 Queen of Cuisine deadline is the end of the month.
  • Another end-of the-month event which is simply not to be missed, is EOMEOTE. Jeanne usually has all the details about where to send your egg on toast post.
  • Blog Appetit 3 Fraises & Rhubarbe, en Francais, rendez-vous sur mon anniversaire.
  • Wine Blogging Wednesday 10 White Pinot, again hosted at Adventures in the Breadbox. Deadline June 8th.
  • Last but not least, check Tomatilla for the next Paper Chef which should take place some time around the beginning of June.

    Announcement: Ronald (Love Sicily) has, for a while, hosted Does My Blog Look Good in This, a food photography meme, over at the Is My Blog Burning website. He needs to hand it off to a new and different host each month. Are you a new blogger on the scene with a love of photography, time to commit to this project and new visitors to welcome to your site? Yes? Then maybe this is the task for you. Don't make light of what is being asked of you. It will be hard work, but hopefully it will also reap many rewards. Find out details of how to apply here.

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Calendar Update


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