Monday, November 15, 2004

Quick Bites

Snippets of gossip and morsels of information you might have missed from the last week with Becks & Posh.

Saha Arabic Fusion - This new restuarant in the Carlton Hotel is a truly wonderful find Read more here

Tabla - we revisit this hidden treasure in Marin and find that their salads are simply delightful. Read more here

La Suite - on our second visit, we really aren't digging this new, grand, French Brasserie, brainchild of Chez Papa's Jocelyn Bulow. Read more here

Noonan's - a lunchtime visit to this Marin Bar and Grill gets a big thumbs down from all of us. Read more here

Chez Maman - Fred has declared Chez Maman's burgers are the benchmark by which he will judge all other burgers from now on. Do you know of a better burger? Read more here

Orzo with Ham and Goat Cheese - We tested this recipe from the November issue of Gourmet Magazine. Were we impressed? Not really. Read more here

New Mission Bay Safeway
has just opened up near SBC Park. It's the fanciest Safeway we've ever seen. It looks more like a Wholefoods. They even sell real French butter and Hildon Mineral Water!

Does My Blog Look Good in this? - Today is the deadline for entries in Ronald's new monthly Food photo contest. Send him an entry straight away if you haven't already done so. Read more here

Images from Copia - A beautiful November afternoon resulted in some pretty shots from The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts See apples here and cabbages here

Total Greek Yoghurt - It's back on the shelves in San Francisco Trader Joes. Hooray! Read more here

Which Camera do I use to I take my pictures? - A reader emailed me to ask which camera I use to take the pictures on Becks & Posh. Until now I have been using a Casio Exilm EX-Z3 which is about 18 months old (there are newer models available now). It's a tiny camera with 3.2 mega pixels and 3x optical zoom. The casio's macro mode works very well. I am very excited, however, as our new camera, a digital SLR, Canon 20D has been shipped and should arrive later this week. Link to the Casio Exilm website here

Here I am in action with the Casio, taking the cabbage pictures in the following post...
(with thanks to P, the photographer)
Quick Bites


  • At 16/11/04 08:50, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you for the Fage(Total) update. It was driving me mad when I couldn't find it.



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