Saturday, May 15, 2004

Hildon. An English Natural Mineral Water of Exceptional Taste

Last weekend, when F was stocking up on his obligatory 4 bottles of Perrier at a local corner shop, I spotted a bottle of Hildon mineral water that remined me of fancy restaurants back home. As F was paying, I snuck a bottle into his basket (I don't think he realised it was about twice the price of the bulles Francais).
I kept the bottle hidden in the fridge for a whole week waiting for the moment when i could enjoy it at my leisure.
I like the bottle. It is simple and clean and the label reminds me of a private hospital in the 20's or 30s - you know the kind of place that was in a huge country estate where all the nurses wore long crisp starched dresses, cloaks and those large pointy, floppy hankerchief caps. You know, they look like this. Oops I mean this!
I don't believe water can have an 'exceptional' taste, but this version is good. The slight carbonation results in lots of very tiny bubbles which don't battle with your mouth like Perrier does. Hildon allows you to enjoy the mild fizzy sensation whilst swallowing the water with ease.

  • Find out more about Hildon here
  • Hildon. An English Natural Mineral Water of Exceptional Taste


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