Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bay Area Blogger of the Week

I am way behind with my blog reading and just about everything else I need to do at the moment, so instead of having an actual featured blogger this week, I am just going to share the latest blogs I have found, locally and beyond.

Petit Chou: Please welcome Julianne who has recently moved from the Midwest to the Bay Area.

More than Mocha
: A new blog from Cynthia who describes herself as "a law student who wants to write about everything except law school, especially: recipes, restaurants, and the search for a perfect cup of coffee".

Covers: Blog from reporter Ryan Tate covering hospitality for the San Francisco Business Times. [via Amy]

Tuttifoodie: A new food adventure newsletter with a local slant. "Find out what's new, off-the-beaten-path and delish". This is an interesting concept - a way to discover the conversations that are going on in your neighbourhood. Enter your zipcode to get a feel of what the site can offer. It is still in alpha stage at the moment.

Not local at all, but fans of Floyd will be excited to hear that Keith has started a blog. This is the man who taught me to open up the bottle ahead of time and enjoy a glass of wine whilst actually making the dinner. [via son of Floyd]

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Bay Area Blogger of the Week


  • At 29/10/06 19:44, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sam -- Thanks for the newbies. I must say that the recipe for cherry tomato soup for one from Petit Chou was a lifesaver. I stare at the drying vines and know I must yank them out, but there are still so many little sweet babies on them --- what's a mother to do?

  • At 30/10/06 04:34, Blogger The Culinary Chase said…

    Hi Sam, thanks for the blog updates especially the one on Floyd. I've been a fan of his for years & he never ceases to amaze me how he stays sober during those shows! :) An interesting man to watch and tells it like it is. Cheers!

  • At 31/10/06 08:01, Blogger Sam said…

    kudzu - eat the babies, eat the babies

    oslofoodie - yay! good to hear from you. I didn't realise until I read FLoyd's bio he is actually from the Bristol area like moi

    the culinary chase - I knew a select few of my readers would appreciate the Floyd heads up. Only those in the know, eh?

    I'll nevre forget this one episode where he was out in the field at a farm or something cooking in a big pot over a gas flame, glass of wine in and, of course

  • At 31/10/06 11:05, Blogger s'kat said…

    Floyd has a blog?!? Holy crap, but this bodes well!


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