Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 54

Restaurant Girl Speaks

san francisco restaurant and dining blogger from the perspective of the server: restaurant girl speaks

Many of you will probably have heard of Waiter Rant, but did you know that here in the Bay Area we have our very own waitress fessing up online too? Her blog is called Restaurant Girl Speaks. I have been reading her for quite a while and although she recently confessed to us she is 27-year old Ella Lawrence, I never seem able to figure out exactly where it is she works.

Restaurant Girl has an interesting couple of months. First she took some time off in August to travel in South America. When she returned to San Francisco, she continued work at the place known only as The Restaurant, a place where they are required to wear ties, where it quickly became clear, something was wrong and she started to look for work elsewhere. After some interviews and staging Restaurant Girl now has a job at The New Restaurant.

Recently Lawrence, who is also a freelance journalist, found some fame, when she was featured in an article in the Tornoto Sun that blew her anonymity out of the water.

I have also been enjoying her accounts of The Ghetto Gourmet, a wandering supperclub for lovers of fine cookin', fine art and new friends which I have been following via their newsletter for a while, but haven't yet actually found the time to try out. Have you dined with the Ghetto Gourmet? I would be curious to know what you think of it.

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Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 54


  • At 2/10/06 11:56, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My husband & I went to Ghetto Gourmet once, about a year ago, the Monday after they had a huge story about them on the front page of one of the sections of the SF Chronicle. I guess they received about 200 emails that day alone. It is close to our house so we could walk and hoped to meet some nice people and have some good food.

    We all sat on the floor on pillows in 2 rooms. Met some nice people, but no one we ever contaced again. There seemed to be many large groups of friends there - celebrating birthdays, etc...The food was not stellar and every dish needed something (much less salt for many of them). Some of the flavor combinations just didn't work. Also, since the dishes are coming out of the kitchen for a large group, many items were quite cold before being served (soup, scallops). Our thoughts on the food were shared by all the strangers around us as well. It is a nice concept, but did not make us want to try it again (although the guitarist and comedian were great entertainment).

    I know they have expanded since then and they do have rotating and guest chefs, our was a woman whose name I don't recall, not one of the brothers, so maybe we caught a less-than-stellar night.

    Here's another "secret" one in SF you might check out. I haven't been yet, but am planning to try it sometime this fall/winter.

  • At 2/10/06 19:23, Blogger Dagny said…

    I was reading about the Ghetto Gourmet sometime back and was thoroughly intrigued. Now that I have read Kimchee's comments I know that I will skip that one. But the other group? Who knows?

  • At 5/10/06 14:05, Blogger Restaurant Girl said…

    Thanks for the mention, Becks & Posh! :)

  • At 8/10/06 12:41, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    kimchee - i picked up a card for dissident chef at the golden gate meat company. The only thing I thought was odd though was the ad said you had to be referred by a member which made me wonder why they would advertsie in a public place to people like me, who obviously dont know a member.

    Since I give these kind of dinner parties for my friends regularly anyway, and my friends reciprocate, I am a little reluctant to pay to go to a stranger's dinner party, i think.

    dagny - you would be better off trying to get a nice food blogger to invite you round for dinner!

    restaurant girl - my pleasure.

  • At 24/10/06 20:07, Blogger xtinehlee said…

    sam--I picked up a card for the dissident chef at a pet supply store near my house. I too asked the staff, "if this is invite-only...why advertise?"

    They called the store owner for clarification--in my case, it turns out the store can refer you.

    And I just scored a reservation for early December! I am VERY much looking forward to it, if only for the novelty!

  • At 24/10/06 21:12, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    btw, i did some digging around on the mystery chef and i'm thinking it might be a very excellent meal! the guy's a 25 year veteran of the LA restaurant scene, and is raising money to fund a new restaurant up here.

  • At 25/10/06 07:45, Blogger Sam said…

    Aha = thanks c(h)ristine - I'll have t see if i can find the card i picked up about it at Golden Gate Meat COmpany

    I hope you report back

  • At 3/12/06 21:29, Blogger xtinehlee said…

    Sam--I had my meal at Sub Culture Dining with the Dissident Chef last night. My write up is on Muffin Top was really great. ou should definitely check it out.

  • At 3/12/06 22:58, Blogger Sam said…

    thanks for following up Christine. I will come and comment on your post.

  • At 19/11/07 13:54, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The comments made in your November 12th Blogger about The Taste Of New York located in Bell Tower was laughable! Small world, as My husband & I were dining at one of the FINEST restaurants in Naples when we seen one of those creatures on our table. Does Roz Collesi know that ALL places such as restaurants & stores have that kind of a problem. He did not say if he mention to the manager about his experience to get an apology.

    We have eaten at the Taste of New York & found it to be one of the best service,clean & food to die for. The portions are enough for two people.This restaurant is one of our favorites. All the food on the menu is made from scratch including the dough for the rolls & pizza. To be voted # one says it all!

  • At 19/11/07 14:05, Blogger Sam said…

    Hi Anon - i am not sure what your comment is about? It doesn't relate to anything actually written on this blog? Perhaps you have left this comment in the wrong place. I have never written about Taste of New York or the Bell Tower? whatever or wherever they are ? and I have looked through the comments on all my November 12th entries in case a reader had left something to which you are alluding, but I find no mention of the situation you are talking about.


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