Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 47

Cocktails with Camper English

photograph picture of the San Francisco bay area cocktail blog from camper english

Local freelance writer, Camper English describes his blog as a celebration of drinks, drinking venues, drink making, drinking, and drunks. Camper isn't a particularly prolific blogger but it is well worth popping him in your RSS reader. Otherwise, how else would you find out about places like Bourbon and Branch? B&B is a new bar, opening soon in San Francisco, where there will be no standing room allowed. Just like a restaurant, you will have to make a reservation. On the menu? More than 50 cocktails. According to Camper, the bar manager is Todd Smith formerly of Cortez. This is good news. The one thing I remember most fondly about my only visit to Cortez is that the drinks were exceptionally good. Excuse me now, I think I need to go and make that reservation...

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Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 47


  • At 13/8/06 12:11, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I wondered where you had gone nice to have something to read

  • At 13/8/06 15:31, Blogger wheresmymind said…

    Hey..thanks for the shout out on your other site! I know my wife has been diggin' cooking this summer :)

  • At 13/8/06 19:12, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sam: B&B sounds like heaven to me. I came along when going for drinks meant sitting at a table and enjoying the company and talking (will that be possible there, decible-wise?). You never stood at a bar: if the room was too full you went somewhere else. This seems quite civilized and with an adventurous bartender, who knows how far it will go toward teaching people how to be cool?

  • At 14/8/06 08:00, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    mum - hope you enjoyed the read

    wmm - glad your wife has been getting fishy with it

    Kudzu - It does seem very civilized which is why I am looking forward to checking it out. I am sure we will all hear about it when it opens. I hope so, anyway.


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