Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 42

Hungrig in San Francisco - a local blog written in German:

photograph picture of the San Francisco bay area food blogger hungrig in san francisco

It doesn't take much to understand what the word hungrig means in English. But further than that, my schoolgirl-German doesn't help me much when reading local food blog Hungrig in San Francisco. But since Germany have been doing such a good job of hosting The Football World Cup and those high-maintenace English WAGS, I thought now was the perfect time to feature Ralph's foodblog here at Becks & Posh.

His blog is mainly recipes with delicious-looking photographs and Ralph seems to have been taking part in a BBQ/Grill event, which might inspire you with some ideas for the Fourth of July since a large bulk of his clearly layed-out recipes are in English anyway. Potato salad and Marinated Spatchcock chicken are written in words you'll understand, but when it comes to bacon-wrapped bananas, I am afraid you are on your own with the translation...

On Blogher this week, check out Lemony Snack-it.

At the Grub Report, What Kind of a Cheese Customer are You? I thought I was a Challenger, but apparently blowing kisses marks me as a Friend which is far more of an honour.

I am sending out a shout to Jen's Mom, Olivia, whom I was lucky enough to meet and spend some quality time with last night. Like her daughter, Jen's mom is a very special person and I am lucky to know them both. Thank you Olive-ia!

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Archive Alert! On this day in 2005: Bay Area Blogger of the week # 13. The first time I met my now good friend Joy, aka The Restaurant Whore.

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Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 42


  • At 2/7/06 14:04, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    interesting post not sure about the bacon and banana might give it a try

  • At 5/7/06 08:57, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi, Sam !

    Thanks for the mentioning of my blog, I'm really honored ;-)

    If you, or anybody else for that matter :-), has any difficulties understanding a recipe or is in need of translation, I'm more than happy to help ( emailo is on my blog ).

    By the way, the BBQ/Grill event runs 'til 6/30 and everybody is welcome to participate, in german as well as english ( Just leave a link here :

    Ralph, a little bit sad after yesterday's lost semifinal.

  • At 7/7/06 16:19, Blogger Sam said…

    mum - you are braver than I

    ralph - I don't know how to say my pleasure in german. I do know how to say fried egg though, so that will have to suffice! Spieglei!
    Mirror Egg! (I probably spelt the wrong)

    my condolences about the world cup, at least that means you havent been a nervous wreck leading to the final. That's the reason i am glad England are out too, so I can really enjoy supporting the french without the accompanying nervous breakdown that goes with.


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