Friday, April 21, 2006

Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 37


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Hedonia is a fresh new voice in the San Francisco - I love it and I hope you will too. Prolific prose and recipes from Sean Timberlake, a writer, editor and hedonist living in San Francisco. Sean's blog is an all-rounder (like mine) so I sense a kindred spirit. Visit him for restaurant reviews, recipes, neighbourhoods, produce and much, much more. One thing is for sure, you need never go hungry again, now that Sean is making his delicious presence felt on the web.

PS Somerset first gave birth to Cheddar Cheese and then to Bread, Water, Salt, Oil, a brand new Brit Food Blog I absolutely adore. Go say hello to June's blog, from Somerset, in the West Country, England not far from where I grew up.

Upcoming Additions to my Bay Area Food Roll:
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Something in Season
Kosmonaut Photo Blog
Potential Gold
Resident Alien
Give Me Some Food
Delicious One
Sucking Fish Food
Definitely Check out Sucking Fish who are hard at work aggregating a collective of food bloggers local restaurants - this is going to be one cool resource if it works out!

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Archive Alert! And on this date in 2005, How to enjoy a nice curry in London.

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Bay Area Blogger of the Week # 37


  • At 21/4/06 21:04, Blogger Catherine said…

    Love Bread, Water, Salt, Oil - thanks for the tip!

  • At 22/4/06 00:38, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Sam I now have another good blog site to visit especially as J lives near Bath. Do you remember the painted eggs which are still displayed

  • At 22/4/06 08:53, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Garsh, I'm flattered! Thanks for the plug -- I'll have to send some housemade ricotta your way. :-)

  • At 23/4/06 11:27, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Bay Area bloggers are taking over....LOL! Can I be on the list too? :-D

  • At 23/4/06 14:13, Blogger June said…

    Thank you very much indeed for the blogplug - and the very best of luck with the pud event...I have sent my contribution off (I think, new to this).

  • At 23/4/06 22:05, Blogger Sam said…

    Kung Foodie - funny you should ask, cos I discovered you just few hours after I wrote this post and you are laredy firt in line for the next update (probably wont be for another two weeks though.)


  • At 23/4/06 22:05, Blogger Sam said…

    june - I am off to check out your entry. So glad my mum has been by to visit you!

  • At 23/4/06 22:06, Blogger Sam said…

    sean - you deserve it

    mum - how could forget the egg of which I am actually proud of?!

    catherine - my pleasure!

  • At 24/4/06 21:46, Blogger shuna fish lydon said…

    I'm sure you can guess why I am ESPECIALLY HAPPY that Sean has joined our club...

    thanks for the head's up!

    Also love the Brit blogss--- I will be sending the links to June taylor as she is always looking for homeland info!


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