Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bay Area Blogger of the Week #17

A Blog From the Heart...

photograph picture of a Small Farms a Blog From the Heart

As we fast approach the August Eat Local Challenge, I can find no more apt a blog to feature this week than Tana Butler's Small Farms, a blog from the heart. Based a little further South than the part of the Bay Area most readers are familiar with, Tana writes about local farms in the Santa Cruz region, many of which are still within the 100 mile foodshed of San Francisco. Tana says:

  • "Photographing so many of the lovely little farms around Santa Cruz, California, kindled my love for farms and the people who commit their lives to them. I've traveled all over California's most fertile farmland, and am visiting farms elsewhere this year, as well: we'll see where I land. This journal is intended to share my love and appreciation for the hard work farmers and their families do to create such beautiful places and beautiful food. If you love good food, it all starts here. Ask the chefs: behind every great chef is at least one great farmer".

  • Go check out Tana's Blog, say hello, have a ganders at her beautiful farm-centric photograph albums and read her seasonal and delicious sounding recipe for slow roasted tomatoes.

    PS. Tana describes me as irreverant. I think I quite like that!
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    Bay Area Blogger of the Week #17


    • At 30/7/05 17:25, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Wow, I wondered where all that traffic was coming from in my stats! Heh.

      Thanks, Sam, so very much, for the kind words.

      Just to let you know: I visit farms ALL OVER. I've been to many farms north of here, and I went to San Diego, New York, New Jersey, and the Berkshires--all in May. I've got plans for a Southern California road trip in the autumn, and that will include Paso Robles, Ojai, Carpinteria, Ventura County, Pasadena, and parts south. It is true that I started in Santa Cruz (because we have the most farms), but truly I'm doing what I'm doing so that everyone will wonder, "Where's my pretty little farm?" (And perhaps "And where's my hunky farmer?")

      Thanks, Sam, you are a dear.

    • At 2/8/05 04:37, Blogger Farmgirl Susan said…

      Small Farms is one of my very favorite blogs. I think what Tana is doing is absolutely wonderful. I was so happy to see that you'd written about her--and so happy to read from her comment above that she's already seeing more visitors to her blog.

      LOL, I'm so lucky--I have a pretty little farm AND a hunky farmer! : )

    • At 2/8/05 06:57, Blogger Sam said…

      Farmgirl - can't we have 'hunky farmer picture of the day' on your site please :)

    • At 2/8/05 09:34, Blogger Farmgirl Susan said…

      OMG Sam,
      I am still laughing after reading and responding to the similar comment you left on my blog. I'll see what I can do. You did, after all, say 'please.' : )


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