Saturday, July 09, 2005

Bay Area Blogger of the Week #14

Archive Alert! On this day in 2004 it was pouring with rain in Paris. We escaped the showers by ducking into Laduree for an elegant afternoon tea

photograph picture of Phineas Frogg, French Bull Dog You might have noticed I didn't post to my blog for a couple of days. When I woke up to the sad news about the bombings in London on Thursday morning, I was a little too upset to write about food. I frantically tried to contact my London friends via sms, when I found my futile attempts to call them were repeatedly met by an engaged tone. Thanks to all my readers who emailed me to make sure, everyone I know personally back in London is fine, if a little shaken. Others are not so lucky. My thoughts are with them.
I had already decided to feature Fatemeh as my Bay Area Blogger of the Week today. Not only does she have a well-written and imaginative food and wine blog called Gastronomie which I make sure to visit every day, she and her husband are also doing great things to help out French Bull Dogs. Last week I was lucky enough to meet the adorable Phineas Frogg (pictured above) who they are currently fostering. I absolutely fell in love with him and would have taken him home right there and then if Fred hadn't sensibly inisisted that due to our long hours at work it probably wasn't the best idea. Not to worry - this adorable little guy is going to have no trouble finding fabulous new owners, I am sure.

Please take a few minutes to pop over to Gastronomie, read through some of Fatemeh's great posts, say hello and most importantly click on every google Ad you can see. Fatemeh will be using all the Advertising revenue she gets to help out the French Bulldog Rescue Network. It is a great cause, I hope you can spare a second to show your support.

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Bay Area Blogger of the Week #14


  • At 9/7/05 13:09, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "When I woke up to the sad news about the bombings in London on Thursday morning, I was a little too upset to write about food."

    Why is not every day like this for you? There are bombings going off every day, but in Iraq. Do you have less empathy for Iraqis?

    Iraq did not ask for this war, and we made thei country into a mess. They had nothing to do with 9-11...

    As for the UK, they re-elected the war mongering Blair...

    I feel much more sad for the Iraqis...

  • At 9/7/05 13:23, Blogger Sam said…


    Thank you for your comments, I can try and understand where you come from. The world is full of sad and horrible things every day, but life still goes on, must go on. This is not a political blog, it is a blog about food and it will remain that way. I am not very well able to express myself politically and I choose to keep my own political views private.

    Because I spent the largest portion of my life so far in London, the news had a totally personal impact on me and that is what I reacted to on Thursday morning. It was an emotional response, a natural response, not a logical one that questioned which of the worlds' tragic victims deserves more sympathy than others.

  • At 10/7/05 15:08, Blogger shuna fish lydon said…


    (Sometimes I feel like we are constantly experiencing the same things...)

    I emailed my two best friends in London right away knowing that the phone lines would be blocked. One of tham missed being killed by a chance decision to eat breakfast instead of go to the gym. with all that is going on for me here I am unsure if I could have handled more personal grief.

    and yet "my silly food blog" has kept me grounded. Checking in with all of you I'm far away from, chatting with allies I've never met, taking in pictures of things I may never eat, it all helps in some inexplicable way.

    thank you for coming to us all, right from your heart.

  • At 10/7/05 15:14, Blogger Sam said…

    oh how we miss you Shuna.
    thank you

  • At 11/7/05 09:47, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    One small note about Phineas the Frenchie...if we could, we'd adopt him. Our lease and 2 cats won't allow it, but I'd like to add that he is an incredibly sweet little fella with a lot of personality.

  • At 7/1/07 20:04, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hello Shuna,
    about bombing, here in Bali, I experienced once, it was bad... very bad, but live must goes on, so I feel no worry about it, I still walk around..
    anyway, I just check Gastronomie,
    but I didn't find any google add there..?


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