Saturday, July 02, 2005

Bay Area Blogger of the Week #13

photograph picture of agedashi tofu from Bunny Foot This week, I invite you to meet alter-ego of the lovely Joy, San Francisco's very own Restaurant Whore who describes her blog as "A San Francisco Girl's Down and Dirty Adventures in the Culinary Playground. If you don't like straight-talking and colourful language then Joy's site is probably not the place for you. But if you are interested in no holds barred and frank discussions of the Bay Area Dining Scene then the Confessions of a Restaurant Whore blog is a must-visit.
I had the pleasure of meeting Joy for lunch on Thursday. After I'd shown some recent interest in The Slanted Door on my blog, I had read Joy's description of how a whore can secure a table at one of San Francisco's top restaurants when none, in fact, are available. I decided to let Joy show me how far a bit of whoring can get you in this town. She came up trumps. The next thing I knew, I was sitting down to lunch with a charming companion who was greeted, personally, by at least half of the Slanted Door staff. We were comped a free salad whilst Joy guided me expertly through the menu which she knows better than the back of her hand. Who knew, for example, that instead of choosing between the Spring Rolls and the Imperial Rolls, you can order a half order of each! Who knew that their lemonade is freshly made by hand each day? Who knew that their Spicy Japanese Eggplant is so so delicious that it can convert even the most hardened of aubergine-critics. And who knew that the Basil and Mango Panna Cotta is a pillow of dreaminess, even for people that don't care much for mango? Thanks Ms Whore - it was a Joy to meet you.

Joy is the restaurant critic for Mesh Magazine. If you haven't met Joy yet, pop over to her site and say hello!

Archive Alert! From June 2005 on Becks & Posh: A review of Out The Door With bonus material: The Slanted Door Story of how I got stuck in my pants!

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Bay Area Blogger of the Week #13


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