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Sad News about Clover Farmstead Organic Butter

I only just discovered that, with whom this blog is hosted, now has an 'unreviewed comments' section where it decides that random comments require my approval. I found about 40 comments in the queue, all perfectly reasonable and not spam, where some of them had been languishing since the beginning of the year. Apparently, all they needed was for me to give them the ok. Huge apologies to anyone whose comment got lost in there, I have just read and hit the publish button on all of the acceptable ones. As I went through the comments, I found one in particular that I read with a heavy heart. It was added to this post here, and I am sorry to have to share this news with fellow fans of Clover Organic Farmstead butter.

"Thanx for the acclaim!It is with a heavy heart I am informing you and your readers that St Anthony Farm will be closing it's doors. The cows will be departing 2/2 and I will be producing the last crock of Farmstead butter 2/3.
My grandfather retired as a Creamery manager/buttermaker and his oldest son continued on in his tradition, ultimately winning 1st prize in 1969 at the New York State Fair. As the third generation buttermaker, I am genetically predisposed to making THE best butter, and your article has affirmed the accomplishment of my goals.
As dairy supervisor for the past 13 years it has been rewarding to have aided so many on their path to recovery from the disease of addiction, and giving them the opportunity to work with our organic cows. The birth of a new calf is always a special event and I must close now for a delivery."

Curtis Fjelstul

Thank you, Curtis, for showing what is possible. If there is anything our community can do to help you, please let us know.

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?Now what are we butter lovers going to do?

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Sad News about Clover Farmstead Organic Butter


  • At 8/3/09 08:37, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Make your own. I make mine with cream from a local organic dairy and add in fleur de sel for tiny bursts of salt. It is great to be able to personalize your butter like that.

  • At 8/3/09 09:06, Blogger Sam said…

    I can make my own, but Farmstead was about more than just the butter. Part of the pleasure of buying Clover Farmstead was that it was also a symbol of support to the recovering addicts who helped to make it.

  • At 8/3/09 10:36, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Man, this depresses me on basic principle; farms like Clover Farmstead are too rare, and getting rarer. Crud.

    I'm also a big believer in butter being Critical To Happiness. I used to be a fan of Kerrygold and Plugra (both used to be available at Trader Joes), but have in recent years gotten twitchier about the number of miles between Seattle and, y'know, Ireland. Portland has Norris butter, Seattle has Golden Glen (get their butter from the U-District farmer's market on Saturdays), and Ricki Carroll has great instructions in her book, for those that might not want to use the fine instructions from the Internet.

    Thanks for the post, Sam. Just found your blog -- quite enjoying it.

  • At 8/3/09 13:47, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That really is too bad. I was always interested in what the farm stood for and the fact that the butter was truly fantastic didn't hurt. I haven't been able to buy the butter in awhile and now I know why. I'm really sad to hear that. I hope the calf is now a happy youngun!

  • At 9/3/09 01:09, Blogger Maureen said…

    Nooooooooooooo! This makes me so sad. At least we can still get Spring Hill's butter.

  • At 9/3/09 13:54, Blogger meathenge said…

    Computers are the devil!

    Sad Butter Day 2009.

    xo, Biggles

  • At 11/3/09 13:44, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This sucks. I got my husband hooked on that little crock-o-butter :(. Now what do I do? Where can I find decent butter in San Jose???

  • At 11/3/09 14:54, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yes it is just depressing when the good guys go down. Some good news for you Sam if you haven't heard.. I found your blog because you were included in the top 50 food blogs in the world at timesonline

  • At 11/3/09 15:11, Blogger Cameron Siguenza said…

    Wow - that is very sad news. That butter is so dreamy and the work Farmstead did with addicts was wonderful.

  • At 12/3/09 00:36, Blogger katya said…

    Nooooooooo! I love that stuff! I guess Erin is right, it's time to start making my own butter.


  • At 13/3/09 07:06, Blogger Sandra said…

    You can change that option in your blogger. Just go to settings, and go to your comment section, and change your option from REVIEW comments to publish immediately.

  • At 13/3/09 07:44, Blogger Sam said…

    Hi Sundra - I do have comments set to publish immediately - but then I just remembered I also set it so that I would have to approve comments on older posts - more than 2 weeks old. I remember I did this because I seem to get a lot of spam on old posts.
    thanks for reminding me to check on that

  • At 13/3/09 18:58, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The loss of these local places hurts us all doesn't it?

    What a shame.

  • At 16/3/09 21:13, Blogger Prabath said…

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  • At 26/3/09 07:53, Blogger FJKramer said…

    Sad news, but I still have my crock to remember them by ...
    I'm going back to buying Spring Hill's butter at my local farmer's market

    Spring Hill

  • At 29/3/09 19:02, Anonymous Best Playlists said…

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