Monday, October 13, 2008

A very good Eat Local food day

Eat Local Challenge Day 13
(Read What & Why I am Doing This Here)

picture photograph image all local ingredients 2008 copyright of sam breach iPhone photograph: Dinner 13th October 2008

Breakfast Day 13
Porridge made from wheat berries [source Eatwell Farm], Plain Yogurt [source: St Benoit] with Sage Honey [source: Marshall's] and a little salt [Please note I have replaced sugar with local honey on my breakfast porridge!]

Lunch Day 13
Salad & Bread: Sungold tomatoes [source Tairwa Knoll], tiny Mediterranean cucumbers [source: Happy Quail], Shallot [source: Dirty Girl], Avocado [source: Wills], Olive Oil [source: Bariani], Wholemeal Toast made using flour home-ground from Eatwell wheat berries, Radishes [source: Dirty Girl].

Snacks Day 13
Apple [source: Philo Apple Farm],

Dinner Day 13
Aubergine Bake with Herbed Cream & Green Salad: Eggplants [source: Balakian], Tomatoes [source: Dirty Girl], Butter [source: Clover Organic], Parsley [source: Dirty Girl], Basil [source: Four Sisters], Mint [source: can't remember], Olive Oil [source: Bariani], Garlic [source: not recorded], Creme Fraiche [source: Cowgirl], Salad & lemon [source: can't recall exactly] Stale bread roll for croutons [source: Acme],
Walnut Oil, Salt & Pepper.

Drinks Day 13
Tap Water, Tea (1 pot & 1 Cup), Ruston Cuvee Simone 2004 [source]

picture photograph image all local ingredients 2008 copyright of sam breach iphone photograph "Simple Lunch" 13th October 2008

100% Local ingredient
Local Artisan using mostly local ingredients
Local Artisan using non-local ingredients
Totally Un-local
Pre-declared exempt
Restaurants which focus on local produce

© 2008 Sam Breach
A very good Eat Local food day


  • At 14/10/08 13:46, Blogger ChrisB said…

    I rather like the sound of your dinner I'm loving aubergines at the moment!


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