Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Restrained Day, Bachelorette Night

Eat Local Challenge Day 28
(Read What & Why I am Doing This Here)

picture photograph image soup ingredients 2008 copyright of sam breach http://becksposhnosh.blogspot.com/
Soup Fixin's [see lunch]

Breakfast Day 28
Crepe made with home ground whole wheat flour & eggs [source: Eatwell], Milk [source: Straus], Yogurt [source: St Benoit], Sage Honey [Source: Marshall's]: stewed Bramley Apples [source: Philo Apple Farm] Salt

Lunch Day 28
Vegetable Soup made with Gold Chard, Summer Squash, Lovage [source: Mariquita], Potato [Source: Little], garlic, lemon & onion [source: local but not recorded], Pecorino [source: Andante], Chicken Broth [source: The Fatted Calf], salt and pepper Orange Pippin Apple [source: Philo Apple Farm]

Dinner Day 28
Bachelorette Party, My Lips are sealed

Drinks Day 28
Tap Water, Tea (1 Cup ) + Bachelorette Party, My Lips are sealed

100% Local ingredient
Local Artisan using mostly local ingredients
Local Artisan using non-local ingredients
Totally Un-local/unknown
Pre-declared exempt
Restaurants which focus on local produce

© 2008 Sam Breach
Restrained Day, Bachelorette Night


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