Monday, October 06, 2008

Eating Local Day 6

Eat Local Challenge Day 6
(Read What & Why I am Doing This Here)

Breakfast Day 6

Homemade Whole Wheat Bread* Clover Artisan Homestead Organic butter, salted, [source], *Bread made with local home ground flour [wheat berries source], and oil, plus yeast and salt.

Lunch Day 6
Open Sandwich made with bread (as per breakfast), Toybox Tomatoes [source], avocado and lime juice [source], pepper cress [source], with a side of Icicle-Radish [source] and Fatted Calf Bresaola [source]. Salt & Pepper.

Snacks Day 6
St Benoit Yogurt [source] with stewed Bramley Apple [source] and Toasted Almond Meal [source]

Dinner Day 6
Homemade Aubergine Soup with Gremolata from all-local ingredients, Fatted Calf Lonza [source]. Salt & Pepper.

Drinks Day 4
Tap Water, Tea (1 cup + 1 pot), Pey Marin Riesling [source].

100% Local ingredient
Local Artisan using mostly local ingredients
Local Artisan using non-local ingredients
Totally Un-local
Pre-declared exempt
Restaurants which focus on local produce

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?Are you getting fed up with my local food diary yet?

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Eating Local Day 6


  • At 7/10/08 11:28, Anonymous Fatemeh said…

    But, but... where are you finding Peppercress? Happy Boy pulled up all their plants this spring and I have yet to find a replacement!?

  • At 7/10/08 11:37, Blogger Sam said…

    Oh no - all that time I spent adding in '[source]' links to my posts. I guess I didn't make it clear enough. Hmm - must try harder = more work. I always get my peppercress from Heirloom Organics at the FB saturday FM market and it's usually excellent, but this week it was a bit too wilted for my liking. It's got the flavor but not looking so good.

  • At 7/10/08 12:05, Anonymous Genie said…

    Definitely not! You're helping give me ideas for my eating this month. Keep it up! Keep it up! :-) I particularly love your Source links.

  • At 7/10/08 16:18, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Photos would be cool!

  • At 7/10/08 22:07, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Only in the sense that I am green with envy over the wealth of local options you have in the Bay area! But I love your detailed reports.

  • At 8/10/08 07:54, Blogger Alice Q. Foodie said…

    I like it, but I wanted more details about the potluck - and photos!

  • At 8/10/08 08:33, Blogger Sam said…

    Wow - My readers are so demanding ;) I am going to have to start charging a subscription. Inside Contigo was dark - candle-lit and not suitable for taking decent photographs. And I wouldn't have anyway - there was barely enough time to socialize. Additionally - I have committed to writing down everything I consuume this month, and as I am finding out it takes so long, esecially if I include links to the farmers/sources, that I have little time for anything else. Especially since work has exploded in the background. Sorry Alice - and all, I am letting you down. I guess I can't please all the people all the time.


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