Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eat Local Dining Out = Bar Jules

Eat Local Challenge Day 29
(Read What & Why I am Doing This Here)

picture photograph image all local ingredients 2008 copyright of sam breach iphone photo: lunch 10/29

Breakfast Day 29
From the Freezer: Quiche: Pastry made with home ground whole wheat flour [source: Eatwell], Fromage Blanc [source: Cowgirl], Butter [source: Straus], Filling made from Eggs [source: Eatwell], Milk [source: Straus], Creme Fraiche [source: Cow Girl], flour [source: Eatwell], Swiss Chard (& also Escarole leaves on the side], [source: Mariquita], Garlic [source: not recorded], Mezzo Secco Cheese [source: Vella], Olive Oil [source: Bariani], Guanciale [source: The Fatted Calf], Salt & Pepper.

Lunch Day 29
From the Freezer: Leftover Aubergine Bake: Eggplants [source: Balakian], Butter [source: Clover Organic], Tomatoes and Parsley [source: Dirty Girl], Basil [source: Four Sisters], Mint [source: can't remember], Olive Oil [source: Bariani], Garlic [source: not recorded] and Creme Fraiche [source: Cowgirl] plus an apple [source: Philo Apple Farm] Bresaola [source: Fatted Calf], Salt & Pepper

Dinner Day 29
Dinner at one of San Francisco's most Eat Local-friendly, as well as one of my favourite restaurants: Bar Jules: potato, celery, and celery root soup with chives, little gem lettuces with avocado and green goddess dressing, wood grilled grass fed skirt steak with sunchoke puree, chanterelle, and breadcrumbs

Drinks Day 16
Tap Water, Tea (1 Cup)Unfortnately no local wines at bar Jules, but I partook of them anyway

100% Local ingredient
Local Artisan using mostly local ingredients
Local Artisan using non-local ingredients
Totally Un-local
Pre-declared exempt
Restaurants which focus on local produce

© 2008 Sam
Eat Local Dining Out = Bar Jules


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