Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cheese, Sausage & Bread

Eat Local Challenge Day 11
(Read What & Why I am Doing This Here)

picture photograph image lunch october 10th 2008 copyright of sam breach
Andante Dairy's ashed goat cheese, Cavatina

Breakfast Day 11
wholewheat bread, butter and marmite

Lunch Day 11
Andante Cavatina Cheese Acme Epi

Dinner Day 11
Boccalone breakfast sausage, June Taylor Tomato Ketchup, Acme Torpedo Roll

Snacks Day 11
A few mixed nuts, 1 x peanut M&M

Drinks Day 11
Tap Water, Filtered sparkling water [from Boccalone], Mumm Sparklng Wine from Napa Tea (1 Cup).

100% Local ingredient
Local Artisan using mostly local ingredients
Local Artisan using non-local ingredients
Totally Un-local
Pre-declared exempt
Restaurants which focus on local produce

© 2008 Sam Breach
Cheese, Sausage & Bread


  • At 14/10/08 11:50, Anonymous Carolyn Jung said…

    I love any cheese made by Andante Dairy. The flavors are hauntingly good. And you can tell that Soyoung Scanlon makes every one of her cheeses with care and love. I would happily eat all-local daily, if it meant enjoying some of her cheese every day.


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