Sunday, September 14, 2008

Homemade Wholewheat English Muffins

Made from Wholewheat Home-Milled Flour

picture photograph image whole wheat flour 2008 copyright of sam breach Sunday Breakfast, pictured above and Eatwell's wheat harvest movified below...

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?What did your Sunday Breakfast Look like?

Local Resources
Eatwell Farm Wheat Berries were used to make the flour.
Straus Organic Milk was used in the muffin recipe.
English Muffin Recipe courtesy of Barbara from Wino's & Foodies

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© 2008 Sam Breach
Homemade Wholewheat English Muffins


  • At 14/9/08 12:37, Anonymous David said…

    I was hoping for a video of you rolling and cooking the muffins : (

  • At 14/9/08 16:58, Anonymous Genie said…

    Mine was not nearly so me!

    But you've inspired me -- I'd love to make my own English muffins at some point. Have never tried, and I do adore them!

  • At 14/9/08 18:14, Blogger Manger La Ville said…

    Awesome english muffins...I love home made ones. What I ate on Sunday: Loads of Pickles from the Pickle fair. I could have used an english muffin to soak up all that vinegary goodness.

  • At 14/9/08 23:16, Anonymous lory said…

    miam..jolis muffins!!

  • At 15/9/08 12:22, Anonymous Mrs. L said…

    Alas, not muffins I made. Bought them along with a bunch of Crumpets online. With lemon curd. Yum.

  • At 15/9/08 12:43, Blogger Almost Vegetarian said…

    Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

    These would be lovely for brunch with those gorgeous tomatoes and mozzarella and ... okay, now I'm hungry.


  • At 15/9/08 17:04, Blogger Jessamyn said…

    Mmm, homemade English muffins. I might almost trade them for my Sunday breakfast - but not quite.

    Pear custard pie with whipped cream and a scrambled egg on the side. Yum. (I had to work on Sunday, I had to keep my strength up!)

  • At 15/9/08 17:57, Blogger Penny said…

    i nearly ALWAYS cook a hot brekkie on weekends. but nothing too fatty, usually poached eggs with avocado and grainy bread with freshly brewed coffee. if we have smoked salmon that gets a run too. oh, and i always put salt and tobasco sauce on my eggs...sooooo good.

  • At 15/9/08 21:29, Anonymous Carolyn Jung said…

    Mmmm, I thought the Model Bakery in the Napa Valley and the Cheese Board in Berkeley made some bodacious English muffins. But these wholewheat ones look even more fabulous. With a smear of peach jam or bitter orange marmalade, they'd be the bomb.


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