Sunday, August 10, 2008

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Bay Area Foodish Bloggers

picture photograph image vegan soup from cooking by hand 2008 copyright of sam breach
Cauliflower Soup made from a recipe in Paul Bertolli's "Cooking by Hand"

If local food blog urls were charms, my bracelet would be out of spare links by now. Let me hand a few over to you...

The Inadvertent Gardner: It’s amazing what Genie will do for a good tomato.

Kitchen Gadget Girl
: Another way to justify all her kitchen gadget purchases.

briciole: An idiosyncratic and opinionated dictionary of Italian words related to food, with audio accompaniment.

Out of the Kitchen: A quarterly publication designed to reveal the dedication, passion and collaborative nature of the restaurant business.

Offbeat Eating: Chronicles Kristin Amico as she eats her way through life.

The Yum Diary
: The San Francisco foodie blog of SF Station's Food Editor, Tracie Broom.

Pim et Isabelle: Dusting the town with their buttery crumbs.

Manger La Ville: A student eats her way around the Bay.

Underhill-Lounge: Cocktails, Food, and Gardening South of the hill in Bernal Heights.

Vegetarian: a 22-year-old vegetarian/vegan living in San Francisco.

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?Which blogs will you be reading today?

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  • At 10/8/08 09:10, Blogger Kalyn Denny said…

    You're so lucky to live where there are so many other food bloggers. I can't imagine what fun you guys all have together.

  • At 10/8/08 10:36, Blogger Amy Sherman said…

    Just discovered this one and rather like it: No Salad As A Meal

  • At 10/8/08 11:12, Blogger Unknown said…

    Kalyn - there are way too many to be able to keep in touch with everyone by this point, unfortunately.

    Thanks Amy - No Salad As A Meal was actually featured at the top of my June round up. Such stunning photography! I agree, very good.

  • At 10/8/08 12:27, Blogger erik.ellestad said…

    Oh wow! Thanks for the link. Appreciate it. Hope to see you out at one of the Book Club meetings this summer. Cheers!

  • At 10/8/08 15:42, Blogger Simona Carini said…

    Thank you so much for the mention and for handing over some flavorful bites.

  • At 10/8/08 21:12, Blogger Delphine said…

    What's bloggin'readin'today?

    A blog from some dear friends who visited Georgia recently, a Japanese blog about felt wool I can't read a word but love the images, and yours of course...And now with such a list I may read some more...

  • At 10/8/08 23:08, Blogger Manger La Ville said…

    Thanks for listing my blog. It was so nice. I read your blog all the time. What an unusual encounter of food bloggers.

  • At 11/8/08 00:24, Blogger Tracie Broom said…

    What a delight that you noted my little online cottage on your fabulous piece of interweb real estate. Everyone knows that Becks & Posh is the most!! xoxo tb

  • At 11/8/08 12:30, Blogger Flo Bretzel said…

    Thank you for making us discovering these new blogs!

  • At 12/8/08 06:24, Blogger Beccy said…

    Only yours and mums.

  • At 12/8/08 07:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ooh -- thank you for the shout-out! Much appreciated. Today, I'm reading your blog (of course), Thyme for Cooking, Jason's BBQ Adventures and The Perfect Pantry, 'cause that's who came up in this morning's feed reader check.

  • At 12/8/08 13:26, Blogger Almost Vegetarian said…

    Actually, the funny thing is, the last food blog I read was my own (!

    I had loaded up on lemons at the farmer's market and was looking for an old recipe for lemon olive oil cake I had posted sometime ago (it's an amazing recipe and, hey, no butter:

    Who knew writing a blog could turn out to be so handy.


  • At 15/8/08 11:55, Blogger Cookie said…

    I'm an SF Blogger too!

  • At 15/8/08 17:25, Blogger Gill - That British Woman said…

    great blog, lots of info...........actually thought it was about the Beckhams!!! Even though I am British I hadn't heard of Posh and Becks slang before.

    Gill from Canada


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