Friday, August 15, 2008

21 Things in a Month

A To-Do List Just for Me...
picture photograph image the Eatwell Farm twins help me hand grind my flour 2008 copyright of sam breach
The Eatwell Farm twins help me hand-grind 1lb of flour. It took us almost half an hour.

Inspired by my friend Jen Maiser, who in turn had been inspired by Sasha Cagen, it dawned on me that although I have always been a creator of multiple 'To Do Lists' for work, chores, tasks, shopping and cooking I have never made a list just for me, for fun or for pleasure. So I decided to correct that oversight immediately. As an arbitrary way of involving my number of years on this planet, I halved my age, took that number and then listed the same number of things I'd like to do during the next month. It took me several days to come up with my list as I worked out what was most important to me. I'm not sure I am going to get through everything on the list, but at the very least I am going to give it a try. I start this challenge tomorrow and I am keeping track of them with some help from Ta-Da.

Ride my Bike to the Farmers' Market

Make something using the flour I ground by hand

Enter a competition

Volunteer at Alemany Farm

Catch up, in person, with Alice Q Foodie

Write about how much we love Piccino, on my blog

Take part in the Omnivore 100 meme

See if I can 'can' some ratatouille

Start the "nice little note project"

Get a pedicure

Make an appointment to have my hair cut

Update my iphone (I'm still on v1.1)

Take a class at the gym

Taste-test both my vegan & non-vegan cauliflower soup recipes to determine which tastes better

Cook up a storm from the contents of a Mariquita Mystery Box

Break into a run on my early morning power walks

Show some extra kindness to someone I was unkind to

Crack open the homemade brandied sour cherries and use them in a cocktail

Skype my grandmother

Visit the 'Antiques By the Bay' market in Alameda

Play a game of tennis

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?What's on your fun things 'to do list' over the next month?

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21 Things in a Month


  • At 15/8/08 21:31, Anonymous jen maiser said…

    Yay! Love your list. Some of our things crossover in a way -- I look forward to a month of mutual list completing. By the end of this weekend, I should have several knocked off.

  • At 15/8/08 22:09, Blogger Alice Q. said…

    Awwww - you're so sweet! I am looking forward to catching up with you too. Maybe I'll have to do one of these too. And I can't believe it's been 2 years since you discovered your strawberry tomato! How time flies when we're having fun...

  • At 15/8/08 23:35, Anonymous Jane said…

    I can't imagine you were ever unkind.

    Chatting to your grandma is a good thing. Life has just shown me that living things count - and nothing else does. Be with the people you love and treasure every moment with them, because one of those moments will be your last.

  • At 16/8/08 04:29, Blogger Ed said…

    Fly to London and just to start with take my mum out for lunch on her birthday. It's been 12 years since I've done that but I do live a long long long way away.

  • At 16/8/08 12:04, Blogger Stephanie said…

    What a brilliant idea! Love the 'skype grandmother' one best, I think.

    It's true, I have list after list of things I should do, but I don't think a single item is fun or for me!

    I may have to think about this...and heaps of luck to you, to cross off as many of those numbers as possible.

  • At 16/8/08 12:50, Blogger Flo Bretzel said…

    I can't help making To do list for everything...and I like it. I'm pregnant with my third child which is supposed to arrive in the next weeks so you can imagine I have currently a very long "Baby to do list"...Have a nice week end!

  • At 16/8/08 13:25, Anonymous Erin said…

    I am rapidly approaching the end of my thirtieth year and a list like this may serve to ease the transition.

  • At 17/8/08 10:09, Blogger Del4yo said…

    What a cute list!

    My Bonne Maman from south of France would tell you:

    -don't can you Ratatouille in metal, can in in glass containers. Metal gives it a yucky taste.
    -Make "wet" but not too much, so you can add a bit of water while reheating in a casserole...

    And don't expect too much because ratatouille is better fresh!

    vbvccb djhv( From É :I guess 16 months makes him the youngest commenter on your blog)

  • At 17/8/08 10:18, Blogger Sam said…

    Del - I never can in metal - i only can in glass. In the US the word 'canning' is what the Brits would call 'preserving'. I don't know anyone who home cans using metal but I am sure there are some who do. Btw I have a bit of a glass canning-jar fetish. (You should see my collection!) I disagree about the 'fresh ratatouille' thing. I made a huge batch last weekend and ate it several times over the course of the following week. Both Fred and I agreed that the longer we left it, the better it tasted, which is the very reason I was inspired to have a go at canning it.

  • At 17/8/08 10:19, Blogger Sam said…

    PS - ah - and also welcome to my youngest ever commenter! how cute

  • At 17/8/08 10:25, Blogger Lynn said…

    Ooooh - Sam, cauliflower soup! I hope you are able to post the results of your taste tests here on your blog - I adore cauliflower soup and would love to see some alternate recipes to my Lorna Sass standby! --Lynn

  • At 17/8/08 10:57, Blogger Sam said…

    That's definitely my intention, Lyn. I am off to the kitchen shortly to prep the experiment. I have been working on these recipes separately for a while and now just need to make them together at the same time!

  • At 17/8/08 16:20, Blogger Sam said…

    *Del - I must correct myself - I meant the Brits call 'canning' by the word 'bottling' which makes more sense as glass is used. Here in the US you call the same thing 'canning even though glass is used.'

  • At 17/8/08 19:51, Blogger kudzu said…

    Verbs! I think "canning" and "bottling" are both preferable to the verb-turned-adjective, "jarred" -- used almost exclusively these days in food talk. It sounds -- well, jarring. Good luck!

  • At 18/8/08 14:59, Anonymous Mrs. L said…

    Eat anything in the shape of Mickey Mouse when we hit Disneyland in a few weeks. Get a massage. And a facial. And a mani/pedi. Buy a new pair of fall shoes that are fashionable but that I'll probably wear only once. Bake a damn pie and not stress about it.

  • At 18/8/08 22:27, Blogger Jono Tosch said…

    I see that "use the brandied sour cherries in a cocktail" is crossed off. But then, curiously, right beside that, "skype my mother." Well, your list inspires a fun scenario. The cherries are in the cocktail, the skype call is placed. You say, "ma, you're not going to like this, but my vegan cauliflower soup really is better. I am so sorry." As for my list, I'd like to ride my bike to work tomorrow at a very leisurely pace. Cheers.

  • At 21/8/08 08:48, Anonymous Doug said…

    I'm intrigued by the canned ratatouille. I hope you'll post that process. It seems like a no brainer -- I'm surprised it hasn't been done more before.

  • At 21/8/08 22:46, Blogger Tracie Broom said…

    I too am inspired by Sasha Cagen. And by your list! 11 years and still never been to the Alameda Flea. Maybe October!


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