Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nods & Winks to New-Found Links

Grumpy Glutton: Grumping about San Francisco restaurants since 2008. It only seems like longer. [Found thanks to a tip from the Restaurant Whore]. I am looking forward to hearing more from Grumpy Glutton who wrote a reasoned summary of the Gift Certificate Fiasco of 2008. [To which I respond: Did any of you see this?]

The Gourmet Pig: "I've often complained about the Bay Area restaurant scene, from both a professional and diner's point of view. It's a pretty homogeneous one, and the if you're looking for something at all creative, you'll have to search pretty hard...So, can we do better California?"

Foray into Food: Not a Bay Area Food Blog, but included because, like me, JennyWenny is another food-loving Brit living in California. She points us to this useful blog which should help out any Americans trying to understand the differences between them and us. Please, all of, you start out with this post explaining the difference between High Tea and Afternoon Tea.

Fun and Food: An Indian living in USA, who hence has the advantage of being exposed to several traditional and fusion styles of cooking. She thinks of herself as a "Self-proclaimed Expert Chef", who dreams of having her own restaurant some day.

Taste Tests. Enjoying life one taste at a time: For someone who loves indulging in food and taking pictures, a food blog was the inevitable result.

The Gourmet Chronicles: Recipes for life from a slightly cynical, perpetually hungry New York Latina now wandering the hilly & silly streets of San Francisco.

Menupages Blog, SF: I really thought I had linked to this blog long since. Apologies to it's writer Adam Martin for not having sent out the link love sooner.

Deglazed: Incorporating bits of Bay Area Restaurant Reviews, Farmers Market Reports and Gastronomer Spotlights.

Delights and Prejudices: On the topic of jam. "Last week I tried to describe to a mysterious Southern gentleman the appeal of the Alemany market. Many components inform the mix, but, like good jam, the mess boils down to one idea, and to me it's the sense of community."

Last but not least. Please head over to Barbara at Winos & Foodies to see how to take part in Live STRONG With A Taste Of Yellow - 2008. In the past year several of my closest friends and loves ones have gotten cancer. I have experienced both survival and hope and sadness and loss, all in one short year. Barbara is mailing me some Live Strong yellow bracelets. If you are a blogger in the Bay Area planning to take part in her challenge and would like a bracelet, please let me know and I will get one to you. [While stocks last]

© 2008 Sam Breach
Nods & Winks to New-Found Links


  • At 16/3/08 14:43, Blogger Mansi Desai said…

    Hey Sam, thanks so much for acknowledging my food blog! It's an honor to have a "wink" from you!:)

  • At 16/3/08 15:16, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    I don't know how you do it.
    Thanks for exposing us to all these worthies.

  • At 16/3/08 17:01, Blogger Barbara said…

    Thanks for the promo Sam. Your a "star" :)

  • At 17/3/08 13:48, Blogger Jennywenny said…

    Same here! I'll have to put on a cuppa to celebrate! Cheers Sam!

  • At 17/3/08 14:04, Anonymous Wheeler said…

    The Gourmet Chronicles, I loved this! Thanks for all the new links.

  • At 17/3/08 22:11, Blogger Lori said…

    Sam, you are a really generous lady.

    Thanks for including me among your nods & winks. I thought only my poor beleaguered husband & long-suffering friends read my bits of nonsense.
    (They'll still probably be the only ones who love me enough to slog their way through it!)

    Here's to the return of your mojo.


  • At 18/3/08 08:27, Blogger AnticiPlate said…

    Thanks for the heads up! I love to learn about new blogs. Some of those I know, but some are new to me.

  • At 20/3/08 17:21, Blogger Leslie Pave said…

    Sam, thank you very much for the mention. I am so pleased you stumbled upon my little blog.

  • At 23/3/08 00:38, Blogger kato said…

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  • At 26/3/08 06:03, Anonymous Eileen said…

    Would you consider me???

    Eileen (Passions to Pastry)

  • At 26/3/08 07:57, Blogger Sam said…

    Hi Eileen

    thanks for stopping by and good luck with your blog. My series of link shout outs is concentrated in the Bay Area and I have a policy of not responding to link requests. This is because otherwise I would get too many to cope with. I hope you understand.

    Cheers, Sam

  • At 29/3/08 12:20, Blogger Passionate Eater said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 29/3/08 12:22, Blogger Passionate Eater said…

    Ooops, I tried to put in the links just as instructed, but they didn't work.

    I just wanted to put them on your radar b/c they try out some great SF restaurants and both are incredible bloggers (like yourself).

  • At 1/4/08 07:31, Blogger Tiney said…

    Hey! Your blog is great! I really enjoy all of your pictures. I recently started my own blog: Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • At 2/4/08 04:56, Anonymous annie said…


    This was a great post for me; I have not yet been to San Francisco but I am planning to visit as soon as we have enough frequent flier miles; once there, I intend to do nothing but eat 24-7. Blogs like those you have pointed out are very helpful to me in mapping my path of gluttony and satisfaction. Thanks!!

  • At 2/4/08 15:02, Anonymous Hillary said…

    Thanks for sharing these links! As a food blogger, I always love to find more of other food blogs to read :)

  • At 3/4/08 16:28, Anonymous alex said…

    thanks for the links! always great to find new blogs! maybe one day my blog hungryfrenchman will make it too (i have to deserve it though!)...

  • At 4/4/08 08:05, Blogger Casey said…

    Longing for a new B&P post.

  • At 4/4/08 16:34, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Me too Casey....

  • At 5/4/08 07:49, Anonymous Krista said…

    Excellent list...I think I'm going to head your way for BlogHer so can't wait to consult the San Fran blogs...(and yours, of course!)

  • At 5/4/08 16:12, Blogger taste tester said…

    Thanks for the acknowledgment! And now I have more new blogs to check out :)

  • At 6/4/08 19:20, Blogger Kitt said…

    Boy, that Tiney person sure gets around with the same comment on every food blog.

    Was just looking through my lineup and noticed you haven't posted for a while!

    I'm enjoying these links (esp. since I'll be in the Bay Area in a couple weeks). Hope all's well with you and that you get your posting mojo back soon.

  • At 8/4/08 11:23, Anonymous ToughMuffin said…

    Hi Sam,

    I just stumbled on your blog for the first time and noticed that in your last post you have up blogs of a few friends of mine (ie: Taste Tests).

    Just wanted to say hello and add my own! Nice to net-meet!


  • At 8/4/08 11:23, Anonymous ToughMuffin said…

    Hi Sam,

    I just stumbled on your blog for the first time and noticed that in your last post you have up blogs of a few friends of mine (ie: Taste Tests).

    Just wanted to say hello and add my own! Nice to net-meet!


  • At 8/4/08 12:26, Blogger gary said…

    foodtastic - great blog


  • At 10/4/08 22:39, Blogger Cooking said…

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  • At 11/4/08 04:38, Anonymous Kim said…

    Great San Francisco line-up. I must tell you, I am still thinking about the butter you posted about earlier. I've got to splurge!

  • At 11/4/08 22:23, Blogger Emily said…

    Hi. I'm new to your site. It's wonderful! I was wondering, what on earth is that gorgeous fruit/veg pictured on your top page banner? It's otherworldly!


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