Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Good Read for Food Bloggers & Cook Book Addicts


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A Good Read for Food Bloggers & Cook Book Addicts


  • At 14/2/08 06:51, Anonymous Jerry said…

    Funny, that's exactly why I always cook by the seat of my pants, and I'm rarely disappointed with the results. (O.K., it's not all perfect, last night's dinner wasn't stellar, but it was palatable.)

    Go, Cook! Have fun with it and your food will reward you!

  • At 14/2/08 11:57, Blogger Anita said…

    I think there's a happy medium: Use recipes for inspiration and guidance. but understand your ingredients and equipment well enough to adjust when necessary. And most of that just comes from practice...

    And for goodness' sake, why would anyone keep trying the same recipe over and over if it fails? it's either badly done, or the cook is unable to interpret it correctly for some reason.

  • At 15/2/08 07:12, Blogger Ed said…

    Great article. I thought of starting a blog "cookbook mistakes". Most of my cooking is by instinct nowadays having given up onNigella and gordon (although jamie ain't bad).

  • At 17/2/08 14:27, Anonymous Anthony Silverbrow said…

    So, this bloke burnt his books (interesting move) in order to write a book about how one should ignore the books he's just torched. Clever stuff.

  • At 20/2/08 21:37, Blogger Robyn said…

    A well-written piece and an amusing read, but pretty silly. Especially this line:

    'These days, the media's cooking coverage has polarised into two camps: the megalomaniacal Michelin-starred chefs with their impossible-to-recreate recipes that we admire from afar with fearful awe; and the super-simple, "on the table in seconds" TV cooks with their recipes based...on McCain Crispy Bites, instant mash and Sainsbury's cheese sauce.'

    I don't know what bookstores he's shopping at but none of my too many cookbooks falls into either of those categories.


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