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Cheap Wine vs Expensive Wine

The cheapest wine in the world?
The most expensive wine in the world?
And a voice of reason inbetween.

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?What is the least and most YOU have ever paid for a bottle of wine?

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Cheap Wine vs Expensive Wine


  • At 8/2/08 13:01, Blogger Sam said…

    I think I have paid a little over $100 a bottle in a restaurant. And a little less in a store. Rare occurrences, however.
    I have also tried 2 buck chuck. Can't say I was impressed.
    I drank thunderbird when I was a student. I think we mixed it with something stronger. Enough said. (AKA I don't remember further details)

  • At 8/2/08 13:31, Blogger ChrisB said…

    I have no idea what is the most expensive wine I have tasted!~ you note I didn't say bought! I leave dad to buy what he knows I will like! I like most of the wine I have had with you but I wouldn't know the cost~ I just enjoy!

  • At 8/2/08 14:11, Anonymous Jeff S said…

    Not sure about in a restaurant, but at retail about $250 for a bottle of Vega Sicilia Unico. Haven't drunk it yet, though!

  • At 8/2/08 14:41, Blogger Linsey M. said…

    cheapest, as many is probably 2 buck chuck too.
    most expensive? well my dh and i recieved had a bottle of perrier-jouet for our wedding.

  • At 8/2/08 14:49, Blogger Devlynda Marie said…

    I have paid 1.25euro for a bottle of wine in France, and it was really good. The most is probably only 50euro, but if we can count sparkling whites, that was $130. Usually I'm not a fan of sparkling/champagne, but it was very very good, and I don't even remember the name.

  • At 8/2/08 15:07, Anonymous enidd said…

    well, as the owner of the cheapest, enidd better tell you about the most expensive. for enidd's mumbltyth birthday, which was a multiple of 10, the man bought her a bottle of chateau latour the same age as she was. it cost about $400.

  • At 8/2/08 15:27, Anonymous cc said…

    I bought a Portuguese Vino Verde once for 4 bucks. And the most expensive would probably around $40.00... but I only drink white and you can get a great white for cheaper than a good red. (Especially New Zealands!)

  • At 8/2/08 18:16, Blogger Chez Denise et Laudalino said…

    The least was about 3 euros in Paris for a bottle of White Burgundy that turned out to be OUTSTANDING! We wish we would had brought some home. The most was a few years ago at Veritas, in New York, the wine cost more than the fixed price menu of $75 per person - the wine was $350. It was great, we had a fantastic time, but I do not remember the name of it. We were the only ones drinking wine there except for a table where one of the owners was sitting. He was so impressed he sent over more.

  • At 8/2/08 19:03, Blogger San Francisco Photos said…

    $125? I didn't buy it I shared it with someone. Almost $300 dollar bottle of Champagne. Does that count?

  • At 9/2/08 00:14, Blogger Barbara said…

    We drank lots of 3E bottles of Rose in Spain. Locally I bought some AU$6 cleanskins which were awful, however the AU$9 ones are very drinkable. The most $150 (Trade price at the time) for Roederer Crystal. I'd rather drink one bottle of good wine than two of mediocore.

  • At 9/2/08 10:18, Blogger Kate said…

    The least I've ever paid is $3. There is one wine available here that is darn drinkable for $3, and as a poor student, I'm happy to drink a decent cheap wine. The most, retail, would be about $35 or so, and in a restaurant about $75.

  • At 9/2/08 15:36, Blogger Jerry said…

    The Most I ever paid for a bottle of wine was (as I recall) $130.00 for a bottle of champagne that turned out to be completely awful. the least I've paid is just last week. I bought three bottles from a winery called Oak Leaf Vineyards at the Mega Mart for $2.50 per bottle. While not earth shatteringly good, they are quite drinkable.

  • At 10/2/08 07:39, Anonymous ann said…

    A few years ago I won a very generous gift certificate to a very nice restaurant at work. So the boyfriend and I decided that we would go and pay for our food but use the gift certificate for a really nice bottle of wine. We chose something in the $175-$200 range and it was amazing, perfect and transcendental going down. Unfortunately that night I came down with a stomach flu, so all that lovely, expensive grape juice kind of went to waste. I've never indulged in anything that expensive since.

  • At 7/3/08 12:26, Blogger jawats said…

    $3.99 for a bottle of Banrock Station Australian - for the price, a great wine.

    $49.99 in a restaurant was the most expensive. It was not worth it, but for the friends and family there.

    $19.99 in a wine store for a very good cab, though the winery escapes me.


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