Thursday, February 14, 2008

Champagne & Marmite, I Love You

Best Valentine's Gift Ever!

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A Chronology of Events Leading up to this post:

#1 Some time last week I have a skype conversation with my mother in England whilst I am travelling to work on the Caltrain. She tells me to expect a parcel. I don't question her further and promptly forget all about it.

#2 Sat February 9th, early, I am sitting at the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchants sharing a few flutes of bubbles with both a couple of Marmite lovers and a couple of Champagne lovers when I am alerted to an email arrival via my iphone. Because I know that my friends appreciate both Champagne and Marmite I have to read the email out loud:

#3 Feb 9, 2008 9:05 AM
subject Champagne Marmite
Feb 9
There is a slim chance you aren't already up to date on your Marmite
news, but just in case... link

#4 Sat Feb 9th: Sometime later that afternoon, after I have slept off the effects of sharing no less than two bottle of Californian sparkling wine before 11am, I send an sms to my mother in England:

#5 SMS Feb 9 2008 6:58pm To Mum: "Champagne marmite I HAVE to have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

#6 Feb 10 2008 Middayish. I speak to my mother via skype from home. "Did you get my sms?" I ask. She tries to ignore me. "Could it be that parcel you hinted at has something to do with that sms I sent you yesterday?" I pester her. She changes the subject and I choose not to persue the question further. I sense it is best to keep my mouth shut.

#7 Feb 11th AM. I am sitting in my cube at work when a parcel is delivered. I open it. See picture above.

#8 This Valentine's day. I love my mum! (And, of course, I love Marmite!)

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?Who do you love this Valentine's Day and why?

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Champagne & Marmite, I Love You


  • At 13/2/08 23:51, Blogger ChrisB said…

    Sam I rather fancy the silver lid on the one in Selfridges! Anyway glad you like it. Fred won't like me though!!

  • At 14/2/08 00:43, Blogger Anita (Married... with dinner) said…

    aw, what a precious label. that's such a fabulous present :) Yay, Chris!

  • At 14/2/08 00:59, Blogger Trig said…

    I could get very interested in any woman who sent me champagne and marmite today.

  • At 14/2/08 02:59, Blogger Caffienated Cowgirl said…

    Oh, that is great! I never developed a true taste for Marmite while in the UK, but I did become a fan of Twiglets :)

    And, as for Valentine's Day...I love the food aspect of it...from chocolates to romantic dinners. It's a day truly made for foodies, isn't it?

  • At 14/2/08 04:15, Blogger Beccy said…

    Lucky you, I'm very jealous and dying for a pot. You can't get it here and I don't warrent a parcel apparently!

  • At 14/2/08 08:00, Blogger Sam said…

    I fancy that too, mum, too bad it couldn't have been purchased online.

    Anita - it's just the best, my mother knows me well.

    Trig - Don't even think about it. I am not going to give you my champagne and Marmite, however interesting the outcome could be.

    CC - if Fred had given me the marmite it ight have ben more romantic, especially as he can't abide the stuff.

    Beccy - if there is one thing better than the gift of Champagne Marmite, it is the gift of mum herself. SInce you will be seeing her many more times than I will this year, consider yourself luckier than me, as I drown my sorrows in a jar of gloopy black stuff...

  • At 14/2/08 08:07, Blogger Alice Q. Foodie said…

    Could there BE a gift more perfect for you?? Hardly! How cute - Happy Valentine's Day!

  • At 14/2/08 08:18, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I would have loved th champagne, but the marmite god no. I know it has to be an aquired taste. Give me the sweets anyday :-)

  • At 14/2/08 09:04, Blogger ChrisB said…

    sam don't take any notice of your sister I have a pot for her and I will be delivering it in person!

  • At 14/2/08 10:47, Blogger cookiecrumb said…


  • At 14/2/08 11:38, Blogger shuna fish lydon said…

    this is the most wondrous story!

    today i love my friends & family, my team & that i have one, and my desserts. i also love the new blossoms, they delight me more and more every year, i never tire of them. i still love citrus and i love past loves.

    my newest love might be clotted cream though... xoxo

  • At 14/2/08 12:55, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    SO sweet of your mum! I have to admit, I am a veteran of the "what do you MEAN you don't like vege/marmite!??" wars due to much time spent in Australia-- but I can seriously appreciate anything doused with champers (by the way the aussies still send me champagne flavored toothpaste... seriously). I can also seriously appreciate such a loving gift from a mother.

    Happy Valentines Day-

  • At 14/2/08 18:32, Blogger Catherine said…

    So how is it??

    I wanna try it (hint, hint)

  • At 15/2/08 10:37, Blogger thefoodsnob said…

    Ooh, I saw it on Chris' blog, but didn't notice there was champagne in it! Now I really want to have some.


  • At 15/2/08 14:56, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    mmm marmite is the best! we triple-dated on thursday w 2 other dear friend couples, eating our weight in chinese dumplings. I'm loving good friends and dumplings!

  • At 16/2/08 08:38, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Your mum is so sweet! I have never tried marmite, but now I am curious.

    One slightly out of topic question:
    When in caltrain, how do you skype ? Does iphone support skype ?


  • At 16/2/08 09:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i too had champagne marmite this valentine's day. sadly i had to buy it for myself as my boyfriend hates marmite and it wouldn't have occured to him to get the me champagne version.

  • At 17/2/08 12:16, Blogger Chez Us said…

    Aww, that would have to be L. Love Love Love!!

  • At 19/2/08 21:27, Blogger Irene said…

    What a cool mom! My cousins in Australia can't stop talking about Marmite, though being on this side of the pond, I've sadly never tried it. I just found your blog and haven't been able to look away.

  • At 20/2/08 09:20, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That's one beautiful jar of Marmite!
    Very sweet ending to the post :)

  • At 20/2/08 12:28, Blogger Almost Vegetarian said…

    That is incredibly sweet!

    I must say, I never became a fan of Marmite (perhaps you have to be born to it?) but if it helps any, I used to fry up a mean batch of fish and chips.


  • At 22/2/08 04:43, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Aqui no Brasil é em 14/07.
    Ainda vai acontecer.

  • At 22/2/08 09:22, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What an adorable find! :)

  • At 24/2/08 18:58, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It is really beautiful find by your mom, needless to say she made nice day for you. It is inspired. I wish to do something like this for my loved one, at least in the next year of Valentine. Should I wait that long?
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